Well, I've heard a lot about a certain TV show from a certain blogger that I follow, and I finally gave it a try.

Well, let me just say it is fantastic. The characters are hilarious, the plot line is fun, and I just really like it. I think I found my new TV show to binge watch. 

I really like Parker. She's kind of odd, but definitely awesome. 
So totally using this line.
Hardison is just...hilarious. 
The entire cast of characters fit together really well, and the chemistry makes it really fun. Even if there wasn't a plot, and it was just the characters sitting around eating pizza, I feel like it would still be great to watch. 


  1. OH MY--

    --HOW DO I EVEN--

    How did I miss this post?!?! YOU STARTED IT!!!!!! Eeeeep, I'm so happy you like it!:D

    This is one of my favorite shows (ahem--like you didn't know that already) :)

    YESH PARKER IS THE BEST. And Hardison--and--I just love it. (Later on in the show, there is some inappropriate stuff--annoyingly--but it involves two characters that aren't exactly my favorite anyway. Just thought I'd mention it, though.)

    I AM SO HAPPY :D You must update me on your progress REGULARLY :)


      Good to know.

      And I definately will. I also got my sister watching it too. Leverage will take over the world!! :)


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