5 Female Characters Tag

I decided to go for this like the blogger outlaw that I am. 

Lez do dis!!
note: As I am a very indecisive person, I am not going to do my alltime favorite female characters according to each category. I don't really want to think that much right now, but we can do this anyway. I was nominated for the Five Male Characters, and then I just had to do this one. 

5 Female Characters

I don't know what the rules of this tag are, but I'm assuming that I tag people and link back to the person who I was tagged by...except for the fact that I wasn't tagged by anyone, though I was inspired by the post Olivia posted.
That I would want to be friends with-
That I wish had better development- 


I learned a lot of stuff from Little Women, and it's stayed with me for eight years. Jo March is one of my favorite literary heroines. She reminds me a lot of myself, especially because she's a writer, too. Those late nights writing by candlelight seem like paradise to me. 


This is not a surprise that the first one that came to mind was Umbridge. She is the worst. 

She is just awful. I don't even want to keep talking about her because she just makes me so mad. Grrr.

superhero (spoiler from Age of Ultron)

I love her backstory and attitude towards things, and the sibling dynamic with Pietro is spot on. That's right, I said is. Present tense. Denial is a wonderful thing. Death cannot stop my adoration for Pietro. 

that i would want to be friends with
Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia 
Or book Annabeth. Not movie Annabeth.
I've always wanted to be best friends with Leslie, like she is seriously the coolest. She really seems like she would be an awesome best friend. 
Annabeth (if she was the proper age instead of 17 *glares at movie*), I feel like, would be the kind of friend that discusses the themes, plot structure, and all the technicalities of writing, not to mention that would mean that all that mythology and monsters were real and CAMP HALFBLOOD! Let's be honest, I would go in a heartbeat if it was. :) Y'all know I just love Percy Jackson...

that i wish had more character development

Eowyn is pretty awesome. She has fabulous development, but in the movies, they seemed to brush over her. Yeah, they included her, and in some pretty awesome moments too, but they never really delved deep into her character. I suppose that movies can't really do that as much, but I do wish that she had more development. 

Right, well, that's the end of this tag. I don't think I'm quite allowed to tag anyone. 

This was fun. We should do it again sometime! Thanks for reading, and comment below what some of your favorite female characters are! Or better yet, steal this and join me in blogging outlaw-dom (that's not a word. Sorry Google).   


WAIT! DON'T GO. I have an honorable mention that I can't believe I almost forgot. I don't quite know how she fits into this, but I just gotta mention her anyway. 
Djaq from BBC Robin Hood
She's awesome. She gets along with the boys so well, and she's so funny. I love her relationship with Much. She kinda reminds me of the older sister that he never had.
 "What do girls eat?" "Special girl food." 

Anywho, now it's Toodlepip for real this time. 


  1. Denial is a wonderful thing. PIETRO!!!

    Also, Umbridge is just... ARG! THE. WORST. Honestly I hate her so much, she doesn't even rank on favorites. Evil as they are, characters like Moriarty, Loki, Voldy, Luke/Chronos, Darth Vader, etc. are just better in my opinion. I mean, rating for most hated, she takes the cake. But otherwise I despise her. She is soooooo EVIL.

    1. Yeah, she is seriously so awful. And I think that was the point, so a really good job was done with her, but seriously...*shudder*

  2. The RH references!!!:D Haha, I know, I love that part: "Special girls' food."

    I know how you feel about learning a lot from Little Women. Same here.

    1. :) That's one of my favorite parts.

      Little Woman really is such a great book.


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