The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Thoughts

Alrighty, this movie (and book) is in my opinion so awesome, so this 'Thoughts' thing might will be very biased. I will not be voicing my annoyance at differences, because though there are some, I do recognize book to movie adaptations and how difficult it must be to write screenplays, so I will excuse it in this case.

First off, I would like to say that this 'Thoughts' post will be riddled with exclamations of adoration towards the soundtrack. forewarned.
Ooo, startin' out in WWII.
I love how the story starts out by showing you their character's core traits. Edmund who is standing by the window is disobedient and curious, Peter is protective and fatherly as he herds his family out of their house as the bombs are raining around them, and Susan is motherly, taking care of Lucy. 
Aww, having to say goodbye to your children during this time must have been so hard for the mothers and families of WWII. I can't imagine being separated from my parents for that long. It would be awful.
I would love to live here. 
"Is it Latin?" 
"Is it Latin for worst game ever invented?"  I love Edmond's sass. 

I love this moment.
The playful background music fades to a music box melody and everything is still. You can hear the slight pitter patter of rain against window. I couldn't help but hold my breath as she walked up to the shrouded wardrobe. This particular piece of music is just so fitting.

That's right, Lucy. You keep walking towards the shady lamp post, aint nothin' gonna pop out and scare the living daylights out of you. To be honest, I would walk towards the shady lamppost too. 
This movie saddens me. As wonderful as it is, it makes me very sad. Because I know that I won't ever get to go to Narnia, and I know that it's silly, but I see myself in Lucy very much, so when she gets to go, I kind of feel like, "Hey, why can't I go?" I know it's fictional, and I know it's never going to happen, but I just can't help it.

MR. TUMNUS!!  "Were you hiding from me?" "Well, -I-uh, see- I didn't want to scare you." When I first saw X-men, and the professor came on screen, I shouted "Mr. Tumnus!!" Professor Xavier, I know the real reason you're in a wheelchair, you're hiding your goat legs. 
Aww, Mr. Tumnus, you're such a gentleman, if it wasn't for you about to betray Lucy and tell the White Witch about her.  Though he is a good faun at heart. 

I love the scene with Lucy and the fire. It's so serene and enchanting, but it has an uncertain edge to it, not to mention that the Narnian Lullaby is breathtakingly beautiful. 
Aww, even though we only see Mr. Tumnus for a short while, he's so endearing and funny. 

Darn you, Jadis. This is exactly how sin works, pulling you in with sweets and Turkish Delights, promising you good things to come. I've always liked Jadis as a villain because she follows through. 

I have a soft spot for elderly eccentric characters that seem crazy and are just so lovable. Whenever Digory would come on screen, it would be my favorite moment. I love the part where he's talking to Susan about Lucy, and she mentions that Lucy thought she found a the upstairs wardrobe, and his eyes just light up, because he knows. I only hope that I can one day be an eccentric elderly British man  woman. He's so cool.

Watching this movie when we haven't had snow for almost two years was not a good idea. I miss snow so greatly.

"Aslan is on the move." I love that line. 

Edmond is so foolish, but that just makes his redemption all the better. I can never get my head around it that even after hearing about Aslan, and seeing what the White Witch did, he goes running to her. I just don't understand that. 

Aww, I love how in prison, Mr. Tumnus' first thought was to Lucy's safety. He's seriously such a good faun. "Do you know why you're here, faun?" "Because I believe in a free Narnia." Seriously Mr. Tumnus, you're so cool.

I love the fact that Father Christmas is real in Narnia. I always envied the gifts that the Pevensies got, but I didn't envy Lucy's dagger nor Susan's bow; I always envied Peter's gift. His sword seemed so magnificent, and I've always wished that I could bear one into battle. Maybe I crave a battle to fight too much. I don't know, but I do want a good sword. I've always wondered what Edmund's gift would have been if he had been with them.  

When they are floating along the river, and the music starts to play, I just...
It's beautiful.
The music is so beautiful. I love the soundtrack, and the rise and fall of the tones and melody.

Aslan's Army is so magnificent and well put together. I love the bright colors of the tents. It is such a nice contrast to the plain dull white of the Witch's palace. I bet that was on purpose. 

Seriously, every time Aslan come on screen, I feel a sense of reverence that I can't really explain. Aslan is what actually made me want to believe in God, but I still can't get over the fact that Aslan was voiced by Liam Neeson. 

The beauty of the sets and scenery is astounding. I remember quite a few years ago when I was convinced that I could find Narnia if I only tried hard enough. I would pretend that I was in Aslan's camp. When the sun was just right through the trees, and the sky was just so, I could close my eyes and see it so clearly. I miss that.

Peter has to be one of my all time favorite characters. He's protective of his siblings, and I just think he's awesome. He makes the difficult choices, even when he has three people telling him differently. He's brave enough to lead an army, and smart enough to make strategic decisions.

The bravery of a boy against impossible odds and impossible numbers is astounding, and he even makes a joke during all of it.
"Numbers do not win a battle." "No, but I bet they help." 

I hate that Jadis was wearing Aslan's mane into battle. I only recently realized that fact, and I just hate it so much. It seems so disrespectful and unnerving which I guess was the point.

"Are you with me?" "To the death." 

"For Narnia and for Aslan!" I love that quote with all my heart.

THE SOUNDTRACK DURING THE BATTLE!! Excuse me while I go die in a corner from hearing perfection.
How can something be so beautiful?

When the stone table was broken, I didn't get it as a little kid (the analogy of it), but now, it's amazing how much a genius C.S. Lewis was.

When Aslan is silhouetted by the sun... I love this moment.
Much beauty. Such majestic.
I really like how the battle didn't only focus on Peter or Edmund, but it also showcased the bravery of others fighting the battle. It made it seem more realistic. 

MR TUMNUS!!! You're okay!! No matter how many times I see this movie, I always get super sad when I see Mr. Tumnus like that. He was such a good friend. The whole scene with the stone animals and creatures being turned back to flesh and bone is really cool, and when Mr. Tumnus goes to fight, he's so funny - just plowing through people without any armor or training...

As evil as Jadis is, I think she is such a cool villain. She can fight really well, she has good battle strategy, and she looks scary. She is a well-constructed villain with weaknesses as well as strengths that seem overwhelming and unbeatable. If I had to choose a villain to be, I would probably pick her.

The music is so amazing and fitting. I love the song "Only the Beginning of the Adventure". Go, listen to it.

They're so young! I'm used to how they were in Prince Caspian, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 

When they start towards the wardrobe, I always try to telepathically communicate with them and change their mind about leaving Narnia, but they never listen.

I love the professor's slight smirk and knowing eyes as he asks them. I always like to pretend that the very reason he allowed children to come to his home was because he hoped that through them he would be able to rediscover Narnia.

All I know is that I will never stop keeping an eye out for my wardrobe.


Quick Note: Sorry for how long the post was, I just have a lot of thoughts.



  1. For Narnia, AND FOR ASLAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!

    Gah, Laura, this review just brought back ALL THE FEELS. (Like in the battle, when Edmund is stabbed, and we see Peter with the mute and the mouthing 'Edmund!' and it's jus so GOOOOOOOOD.)

    This was just perfect. The end.

    "Try me." The ending is so perfect! Just--the music, and his face, and the lines, and JUST WOW.

    This post made me happy:) So thank you.

    1. Haha, I know! It's just such a great series.

  2. Oh, and the new header is gorgeous!!!

    1. Thanks! It is a little...bigger than expected, but that's alright. XD


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