September Favorites

Hello. How are you all doing? Good? Cool. Well, it's the end of September, and I'm excited for this month's favorites because it's FALL!!! I know that technically fall didn't start until the 23rd, but in my mind fall starts on Sept. 1st.  Anywho, details aside, here we go!

I found a new series that I like a lot more than I thought I would. I like horses, I would go so far as to say that I would be totally happy living my life in a stable, but I do not like riding horses. Other than that, they are awesome. They're the bee's knees. So when I was told to read a series that focused on horses, I was skeptical, but this series is awesome.
The first book.

I found a boutique, motion picture advertising music collective  thing called Audiomachine. They have so many great songs, and I stumbled across them on Pandora. After that, I listened to more of their songs, and I am hooked. I have gotten so much inspiration and ideas from their music.

One of my favorite TV shows right now is Heroes. I am weird in the way that I tend to like psychopaths as villains better than any other type of villain. It's not surprising that my favorite character this month is Sylar!!!

He's smart, and even though he has really twisted ideals, he's oddly relatable...for an evil guy. His motives are plausible, and he is menacing. He's a really awesome character.

I found a blueberry-acai-cranberry-pineapple juice that tastes like magic and unicorns. I know that the combination sounds weird and gross, but it is like delicious berry flavored cotton candy, and the best part is there's no artificial sugar. It's all natural. Yay for health.

We went to a friends house a bit ago, and my sister and one of the girls made...
Drumroll please.
Chinese food!!! They made fried rice, teriyaki chicken (which may or may not be Chinese), and potstickers. That means my favorite food is more general this month. Chinese food is the best. End of discussion. :)

TV Show
Is it okay that I say Heroes again? This show is seriously awesome. I am almost done with the second season, and it's amazing. The storylines are really cool, and all the characters are fun to follow. It's such a cool show!!


This movie, for starters, has Ben Barnes in it. Caspian!! And Jeff Bridges. Pretty much anything that he's in is awesome. We're only half-way through it, but it's good enough. There are some parts of it that feel a little sloppy, but overall it's really cool. The villains actually have power, the hero actually has spunk and a bit of personality, and also, you know, Ben Barnes...