My Top 5 Doctor Who Monsters

In my many Interweb experiences and happenings, I have seen many a 'Top 5 Doctor Who Monsters.' And so I thought, why can't I do that? I have opinions just like any other human being. And believe me, I have plenty of opinions. So, here are my Top 5 Doctor Who Monsters.

#1 The Weeping Angels

The reason this is #1 is because when I watched "Blink." it was at the dark...when I was home alone. That seems to be the recipe for disaster that I have made more than once. I also love that they use a natural human trait to their advantage. Blinking. And there is something so wonderful about them moving only when you can't see them. Because I think that as a rule, everyone - at one point - was at least uneasy about the dark, about what you can't see in that shroud of creeping shadow. And their fangs and way of moving is absolutely terrifying.

#2 The Vashta Nerada
These are so creepy. I am still so creeped out by them. I mean, they could be anywhere, in any shadow, in any corner. And they attack so silently, so quickly, and so viciously. The eerie repetitive voice of the victim only adds fuel to the proverbial fire. And the two shadows thing in super creepy. I have actually experienced two shadows at once. It was evening and the sky was getting dark. It was light enough for me to still cast a shadow, but dark enough that my brother was using a flashlight. he shone it in my direction, and just for a split-second, for one eensy teeny weeny moment, I had two shadows. 

#3 The Silence
 Not only are they frightening to look at (can you imagine encountering one), but their abilities are far more frightening. They can tell people to do things, they can manipulate peoples thoughts and use them as slaves to carry out their bidding. They can take over the world without firing a single weapon, without harming a single person, without shedding a drop of blood. They can take over the world silently and unbeknownst to all. That is what makes them truly frightening. 

#4 The Empty Child
This is 4th for the reason that I am terrified of the idea of possessed children. I am uneasy around children. I never know what to do with them or around them, so if one was out to infect me and if it was following me around, I would probably want to die. Not to mention the gas mask. I read facial expressions more than I listen most of the time, so to not be able to see someones face makes me uncomfortable. And a gas mask is just creepy. 

#5 Peg Dolls
I'm not even going to include a picture. These things freak me out too much. The others were on this list mostly for their abilities, but this one is on this list for sheer creepy factor. These things freaked me out so badly, I had to stop watching it for a couple minutes to check all the doors in the house (I was once again home alone at night). These dolls are awful. The way they laugh and sing... Whoever wrote that episode...

But at the same time, congrats on making such a creepy episode.

Honorable Mentions

The Clockwork Men
The two minutes before we actually saw them were the scariest. The anticipation of the unknown was the creepiest part. I love/hate their ticking movements. It's a sound that would fill the room in an eerie way, but it's truly brilliant. I have to mention their reappearance in Season 8 was quit a good one. They were entirely different, yet they seemed so familiar. It was an ingenious move on the writers part. :)

Well, there you have it, my top 5 DW Monsters.



  1. Omg, the peg dolls are so freaky! I mean, usually the villain is scary because of what they can, will, or have done (and yeah their looks generally play a factor) but the peg dolls were just something out of a childhood nightmare, and I suppose that's why they're scary. Hm, I never really thought about that. They're scary because they're our childhood, but not as we remember our childhood. Huh.

    Gotta love the Weeping Angels though. I love how they seem like terrible monsters, when in reality they're just like an animal. Sure, they feed on time. But they're just feeding, and unless severely provoked, they don't kill, which I think is fabulous. Hehe, and now I'm thinking about Angel Bob. XD

    1. The peg dolls... *shiver* Even Ben was freaked out by them.

      Yeah, the Weeping Angels are pretty awesome. Angel Bob was great. :) And I loved the presentation of the Angels in that episode. Especially the whole stealing-a-voice thing. It just added to the creepiness. :)


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