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Caution: This post will be riddled with spoilers from Ever After. If you haven't seen it...this post is not for you.
Note: I have not seen the 2015 Cinderella, so when I say this one is my favorite, it is excluding the 2015 Cinderella.

I finally saw Ever After, and it was one of the best renditions of Cinderella that I have ever seen. I almost like it better than the original tale from the Grimm days.

Love this costume.
Danielle de Barbarac is forced into servitude after the tragic death of her father. Her stepmother is an...unkind person who cares nothing for Danielle and only cares about her own daughters, but Danielle is not as helpless as one might think.

I have so much praise for this movie. I love the historical twist, and I adore the characters. I'm going to start with them.

Danielle is a refreshing change from the typical damsel in distress.

I mean, she lobbed a prince in the head with an apple, and the prince was moving...and an apple is a highly unreliable choice of ammo, but still... She is a perfect mix of head-in-the-clouds and grounded. She has a temper, but is inherently sweet. I know all of these sound like contradictions, but they work somehow. Without the temper, she would be insufferable and a Mary-Sue, but with them, she has a strong flaw that often gets the better of her, not to mention she's smart and stubborn.
She saved him!
She definitely doesn't need no man to save her.

I loved this scene.
When she was in that situation, I rolled by eyes, thinking that I knew what was going to happen.

Danielle cringed at the old man's touch, his calloused fingers sending chills of horror and disgust down her spine. "Unhand her, you fiend." The prince galloped in on a white horse. The old man cowered before him, "But sire, I was only - " "Oh, I know what you were doing." Danelle let out a squeal of delight, "Oh, my prince has come for me! I knew you loved me." The prince reached down and lifted his love onto the horse. They galloped away into the sunset. Roll Credits.

Okay, maybe not as cheesy, but you get the idea. I thought for sure it would have a predictable and groan-worthy ending, but no, I was surprised. Danielle stood on her own and saved herself. I honestly love that. 

The Stepmother. 
She is my favorite out of the stepmothers in all the Cinderella stories. She was humanized. She genuinely cared for Danielle's father, and you could see that in little moments when her stern demeanor cracked. Not to say she wasn't despicable, because she was, but I liked that she wasn't as ridiculously merciless as some of the other stepmothers. 

The Stepsisters.
I'm only going to talk about Jacqueline. She was such a nice change from the typical, snooty stepsister.

I enjoyed seeing both sides of the coin. You could see her being picked on by her mother, and you could see her being kind to Danielle, while the other stepsister was just awful. I felt like this story was more plausible because of the humanized stepmother, and the kind stepsister. 

Leonardo da Vinci 
I loved loved loved that they added Leonardo. He fit so perfectly what I imagined the real Leonardo to be. He was crazy, sweet, and terribly fun. He was so wise, too. I want him as my grandpa or next door neighbor or something.  

Overall, I loved this movie. The costumes were amazing!! 

And I can finally gush about this movie with the best of them.



  1. *solemn voice* Welcome to the Dark Side. You have now seen THE MOVIE.

    Hehe. Seriously, though, lovely thoughts. I KNOW ISN'T IT DA BESTEST.

    The twists, the expansion, the characters…I know. It's just so amazing. What did you think of Gustaf?!:D

    1. Ah yes, well if this movie is part of the Dark Side, then I will gladly join. :)

      I thought that Gustaf was a good character for plot, and he was funny, but I do think that he could have played a more...meaningful role. If that makes any sense.

  2. Oh, and by the way, le header. Very nice:D

  3. YES YES YES YES YES. Oh gosh, I could rant about all the little reasons of why I love this movie, but I'm just so glad that you love it!

    One of my favorite things about it is that Danielle started not liking the prince, but she wasn't like "He's insufferable! But I suppose he IS handsome" or something cheesy like that. She liked his personality, not his fabulous hair. I also like how the prince is totally adorkable yet not overly clumsy. That beginning line though from the Queen "Oh, no again." XD

    I also love how they kept the basic elements we all love, but put them in a better way. The stepmother tearing the dress, the shoe, just everything. I also love how you can see the exact moment that the step mother starts to hate Danielle.

    Also, I just adore all of Leonardo's lines. "Looks like rain!" "I shall go down in history as the man who opened a door!" I mean, just, arg. I love him man.

    I quote this movie so much, and I just wanna rant all day. But I should probably stop. XD

    1. I KNOW!! This movie is seriously amazing.

      Exactly. The prince was great and mostly of good character. :)

      IT'S ALL JUST PERFECT, OKAY?! I have officially become obsessed with this movie. And Leonardo is just so darn awesome!

      I quote this movie often enough that I'm sure my entire family just thinks I'm insane, not that they didn't already think that. :)

  4. Love for this movie is the air lately! Between you and Heidi, you're really making me want to watch this again. I think I need a vacation where someone takes my kids away for a week and I just watch movies the entire time. And nap now and then.

    1. Ahh yes, Ever After and napping, the necessities of life. :)

    2. BTW, I tagged you here. Play if you want to :-)


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