Balancing Comedic Relief

Balancing Comedic Relief aka Why Fred and George Balance the Whole Story

Serious, gritty novels with even seriouser characters, teenage angst and troubled pasts, these are all things that I see very often in YA fiction. Readers are drawn to gritty, harsh novels because they believe that it will make them more well-read and cultured, when in reality, it just gets boring. When a book has only one tone, it becomes flat, tiring to read, and difficult to finish.

That is why comedic relief is a common occurrence.

It breaks up the tone of the story, making it more relatable and more realistic. Because life isn't just one giant flat line, it's a really weird rollercoaster. Unfortunately, most writers take comedic relief and twist it into a sarcastic, cynical character that only exists to make the readers chuckle but ends up making them groan.

That's why Fred and George stand out to me as "funny" characters. They are not only funny and a nice relief from the serious tones of Harry Potter, but they are actually characters. They have personalities and moments besides just making someone laugh or pulling a prank. They inspired hope in the entire school with an act of rebellion and defiance.

This moment in the film was something that really changed the way I looked at Fred and George. They displayed a trait that strayed from the typical "funny" character's actions. They showed compassion, caring, and a natural tendency to protect the innocent and small. 

When you create "funny" characters for comedic relief, don't resort to one-dimensional characters that are only there for a gag. Remember to make the characters well-rounded.



  1. *bursts into sobs* Anything related to Fred and George makes me so sad like ugh, they were so perfect and I agree whole heatedly. I think I need to narrow my characters down a little more to the overall like, who is the protagonist, antagonist, comic relief, mentor, etc. I like these posts you're making. It's making me realize I need to go into my writing in a different, deeper way. But man, Fred and George... Fred... why. My heart. Broken.

    1. *cries for eternity* Uhg, it's just so sad!! And doing these posts have also helped me realize the flaws in my writing. I'm glad that it's helping you in some way. :)

  2. "Life isn't just one giant flat line, it's a really weird rollercoaster."

    As Wiggins would say, "Bravo, beautifully spoken, suh!" :D No, seriously, excellent point!

  3. Replies
    1. *gets excited there is tea involved* *faints*


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