Return of the King Thoughts Pt. 2

Here it is! Part 2 of the Return of the King Thoughts. Alright, jumping right back into the action.

Yes, I know I talked about him in the Two Towers post, but I kind of have to mention him again on account of me forgetting him before. I'm sorry, I'm ashamed, too. Let's talk about his "death". What with me not remembering what happens to him, I had a heart attack when he came back dead.

When he started twitching and moving, I was so glad! I mean, he's such a good character! And he can't just die. 

So majestic. 
I feel like he really got to shine in this movie. He looks like he would be a really old sweet guy who has twenty cats and a knitting addiction. Wait...sorry, that's Dumbledore.  No, Gandalf looks like he could do some serious damage with that staff.
SO much more than just a walking stick.
He's wise, pretty fearless, compassionate, and can definitely get around without a walker is able to defend himself. His epic staff skills are surpassed by none, and his wisdom and calm is comparable. He's brave in the face of danger, and now I'm just essentially saying the same thing over and over. Redundancy is never pleasant, and I think you all get the point. And...he's a Wizard, so your argument is invalid...

I take back everything I have ever said about him. He is not cute or pitiful or worthy of a shred of thought. He is essentially the embodiment of our flesh. It is so selfish and focused on only getting whatever it desires. It knows no goodness and no light. Gollem is awful and I take back any kind word that I said about him. He is horrid.
Preach it, Shawn.
Aww Gisborne, how you are missed. Come back!!!
Shelob freaks me out. I mean, I am terrified of spiders, and I hate spiders, spiderwebs, and anything that even looks close to a spider. So when Frodo was getting stuck in the sticky web, I was shuddering and looking away and doing everything that I could do to not think about that happening to me. So when Sam found Frodo, I was more than happy to see him destroy the hideous and horrible beast that is the arachnid drive off the spider. Sam is the real MVP. He never let Frodo give up, he knew that Gollem was a lowdown lying cheating backstabbing embodiment of scum untrustworthy, and he carried Frodo to the doorway of the fires of Mt. Doom.  Go Sam.

As she rode off with Pippen, I was so proud. I get attached to characters really easily, and when the character is an awesome one that is feels fear but acts anyway, I get super attached.

Even though I know that Merry lives, when Pippen found him on the battlefield, I felt a pang of despair. I mean, they're the best of friends!! He can't die, he can't split up the team.
Don't die, don't die!!
When they were about to face the Orc army to distract Saraoun (is that how it's spelled?), I was on the edge of my seat. Aragorn is seriously the best at giving battle speeches, and is it weird that this symbol just makes me happy and makes me want to go fight a battle?

It just fills me with hope and a want to take up arms and fight!

I'm still super sad that I missed the Faramir and Eowyn thing in the movies. I'm assuming that it's in the extended version? Come on people, you could have included a little more of them. Not just one camera angle that left you needing answers.
Why movie? Why? Why do you do this to me?
Now I really need to see the extended version.

 I love Sam and Rosie. They're really cute. Now they can have adorable little hobbit children and Uncle Frodo can tell them stories of elves.

When Gandalf, Bilbo, and Frodo sail away, I teared up. It reminded me of when Reepicheep sailed to the Aslan's Land, and I was frankly heartbroken. I still think that that is one of the most depressing scenes in a movie ever. And when Frodo is saying goodbye to Sam and Pippen and's just as depressing. I'm still going to think of Frodo as one day telling stories to Sam's kids. *sniff*

I know I've mentioned this before, but dat soundtrack though. It is so epic and perfect. The rise and fall of each scene according to the music could not have been more perfect. You think you guys have heard a lot about the soundtrack from me? Just imagine me actually watching the movie. By the end of the first movie my family was more than done with hearing about it. But I can't help it!
Imma music nerd.

Some of my favorite quotes were:

"Don't go where I can't follow."  Sam is such a loyal friend, and he is willing to sacrifice everything for Mr. Frodo. 

"The journey doesn't end here."  This quote (in my opinion) is such a good reminder that there is so much more adventure outside of battle and quests. It's a whole new adventure, living life.

"The sea calls us home." This one is here because of the sheer beauty of it. "The sea calls us home." It helps that I have an obsession with the ocean and the open sky. This quote is so simple, yet so beautiful.

Anywho, with that concludes the LOTR Thoughts. 



  1. *wipes tears*

    *slow claps*

    *walks slowly away*

  2. HA! Just kidding.

    FARAMIR IS THE BESTEST CHARACTER EVER YESH YESH YESH. Ahem. Sorry. Passionate there, dontcha know.

    (And yes watch the extended. You will DIE. The Faramir/Eowyn scenes make me so happy that I start to hyperventilate a little inside.)

    Gizzy! *sniffles*

    I have to watch this again…the feels...

    1. Oh yes, Faramir has taken a special place in my heart. ;)

      I'm trying to find the extended somewhere, and I reeeally need to see it. Even if it's only for Faramir and Eowyn.


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