Return of the King Thoughts Pt. 1

I'm going to start off by saying that this movie is three hours long and that is awesome. I am really glad that it's not some wimpy 2 hour skeleton. I loved every second of it. :) But because it is so long, the post is going to be super long too, so I'm going to split this into 2 parts. Sound good?

I swear, Merry and Pippen are the best. They are hilarious, and I am so happy that they weren't forgotten when the book was being turned into a movie.

Look at how awesome they are!
Good ol' Pippen!!
I mean, even the actual actors are hilarious and essentially their characters.

But as much as I love them, especially Pippen, they can be really stupid, especially Pippen. When he grabbed the black orb from Gandalf, I knew it didn't bode well for him.

When he and Merry parted ways, it was heartbreaking. They're like Fred and George from Harry Potter, without one, the other doesn't seem right. Merry and Pippen shouldn't be apart!! 

And I can't not mention Pippen's Song aka Edge of Night. That song is just so darn beautiful.

Home is behind
The world ahead
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadow
To the edge of night
Until the stars are all alight
Mist and shadow
Cloud and shade
All shall fade
All shall fade
So purty.
Okay, enough about them, let's talk about Eowyn and Aragorn. My family was watching their flirtatious glances and saying, "Oh, well you know where that's going!" My brother even asked me, "Don't they get married at the end?" Now even though I didn't remember a whole lot, I knew how wrong that was.

When Aragorn was leaving, and Eowyn was acting all sad and mournful that he was leaving, my mom was "Aww."-ing. I was not awwing.

Quick side note, I know this isn't from this movie, but I forgot to add it to the first post. Hobbit babies/toddlers are the cutest things ever.

Just look at that face!

I've hardly mentioned the Nazguls. The persistent, cloaked, wraith-like things for those not on a first-name basis.  I love how the minions of the villain weren't dumb or lame or even mediocre. They were menacing and fearful, and rightly so. Too often the minions end up being laughable, even if they weren't meant to be so. That is definitely not the case in this instance.

Be on the lookout for Pt. 2, coming soon to a blog near you.


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  1. Your entire blog is on a LOTR rampage and I absolutely LOVE IT. This post is awesome. :D

    1. Haha, thanks. I've just recently watched LOTR and really been in the mood for everything Middle Earth.


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