August Favorites

Guess what this post is about?!! It's not predictable at all!


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Okay, I have been waiting for this book since forever the beginning of time a long time. I love this series because it has it's unique take on fairytales while maintaining the good old, classic Grimm style stories. They're fantastical but slightly dark. And they don't just deal with the big stories: i.e. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. You get the idea. They deal with the smaller, lesser known stories that I personally love. The MC, Rory *winking at Gilmore Girls*, is lovable, kind, spitfire, and flawed. She is so easy to relate to. 
I have been obsessed with the LOTR soundtrack. I knew it was amazing, but only after listening to it at least five times have I come to truly appreciate it's beauty. I love how it has a reoccurring theme, while maintaining it's individuality for each song. I love this soundtrack so much.

I feel so lame for picking this one, but I just have to. I recently reread an old childhood favorite. Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist. It was the inspiration for one of my bigger phases of playing explorer. I am picking Philomena Augusta Fludd because she is the perfect mix of eccentric and adventuress, but she enjoys her home. I wished to be her for the longest time (and I kind of still do). Aw man, she's so cool.

Iced Coffee. I am a coffee lover, but coffee and I have an interesting past. My sister is allergic to coffee, and I think I might be too. Whenever I have coffee, I get a faint sick stomach. So I'm not able to have it that often, but this month I just couldn't resist it. I'm actually sipping on some right now. It's surprisingly easy to make, and I like mine better than Starbucks. I just take coffee (duh), add a little water/milk, and then a dash of agave...and voila! Deliciousness. 

My favorite food this month is...PEACHES!!!

Coincidentally, that is also the name of one of our chickens, but...whatever. Peaches have always been kind of a delicacy in our family. We got a whole bunch this month, and I was reminded how wonderful and delicious they are. 
TV Show
Heroes. Fer sure. I have a goal to finish it before the end of September, and by golly I will. This TV show is so good. 

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This movie was the strangest by far. It was clever, charming, and it kept up the integrity of the past two. The ending was heartbreaking, not only because of the obvious, but because of the goodbye between Spoilers: Larry and Teddy. I mean, it felt like Robin Williams himself was saying goodbye. End of Spoilers. Rebel Wilson was hilarious, as always. GUYS!! Guess what?? Djaq was in it!! Yes, our beloved Djaq was an Egyptian Queen. 

Ignore Ben Kingsley. When she first came on, I practically had a heart attack. Guys, it's insane how much I miss Robin Hood.



  1. Ah, I love the OLTR soundtrack for those very reasons!

    It's funny. When I listen to the music of LOTR it isn't just like music. It's like emotions from another life seep into my mind. Like echoes of a place I used to know, but have forgotten... almost, but not entirely.

    1. That describes it perfectly! 'Like an echo of place I used to know.' That's also quite poetic. :)

  2. That book looks pretty awesome...

    LotR music. Amahzing.

    I've yet to see the third NatM all the way through, though I plan to eventually... Wait... What's heartbreaking about the ending? I'd really like to know (I like spoilers, hehe). But yeah, I can imagine, with Robin Williams *sniffles* SQUEE YES DJAQ!!!! I saw that she was in it through pictures and such, but EEEEEEP IT'S SO HAPPY! And RH...I rrrrreeeaaaally want to re-watch it...

    1. It is!!

      I know, I cannot stop listening to it.

      It's a cute movie. I almost shouted in the theater when I saw Djaq. I really miss Robin Hood. I should re-watch it, too...


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