The Universe Hates Me

Today I have a little story for you. It's the story of a girl who had one desire in life. That desire wasn't to grow up to me rich and famous, or to one day settle down and have a nice family, or not even to publish a book. No, this desire was something nice and practical. To see Wicked.

Well, I don't have enough money right now for the tickets. That's okay, I can deal with that. I am a little disappointed, but I can see it next year! Then...oh boy, then I start seeing the posters everywhere. I went for a walk one day, and I'm not being funny, I saw at least one poster on every phone pole. That's okay, I can deal with it. I bite my lip and look the other way. Then...then my brother shows me a picture of someone he knows that went to see it. My sister shows me a picture of a family that she knows who went to see it. And then suddenly, it is every commercial on Youtube.

You see? But that's not it, oh no. A week after all this happened, after I was finally accepting that I wasn't going to see it, a neighbor walks up to me and says the most hilarious thing.
We exchange pleasentries, you know, the usual stuff, and then out of the blue she says, "Have you ever heard of Wicked? My husband and I won tickets to it. I had never heard of it before, but when we went, it turned out to be really good! Have you heard of it?"



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    1. I know. "I'm not happy Bob, NOT. HAPPY." I swear the Incredibles has a quote for everything.

    2. Yes. The Incredibles has a quote for everything, I agree;)

  2. I'm sorry:( That really does stink. I hope you get to see it someday!

    (Oh, and I really like the new header! Well done:D)

    1. Me too.

      Thanks! You know, you were the one that showed me the ways of Header art. Your headers are always so gorgeous, and I strive to one day be as experienced in header making as you. *bows*

    2. Oh, goodness *blushes* Thank you so much! I really appreciate it:D But my headers aren't that good. Yours are much more original than mine. Sometimes I feel like mine are a bit too...common:-/

    3. Well, I think they're quite great. :)


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