New Bunny!!

Today my brother brought home a new rabbit. When he first came in with the box, I expected the rabbit to be a full grown, normal-looking rabbit. But when I saw the little black and silver thing hiding in the corner of the box, I couldn't believe it. She was so tiny, and so docile. I immediately named her Jasmine and declared that she was my favorite (excluding the baby rabbits).

Look at how adorable she is!!
I'm re-watching Agents of Shield, and it's so weird to see everyone before things got complicated and betrayal became something on everyone's mind. FitzSimmons is psychically linked, and Skye is still in awe of the new exciting world of S.H.I.E.L.D.  It also hurts seeing them all happy knowing what comes next. I'm having fun indulging my nostalgic side. I'm going through my fandoms. Pretty soon I'll re-watch all of Nine's episodes. Then I'm going to re-watch the Harry Potter movies. Bethany agreed to finally watch them too. So that'll be cool. :)

My sister got her first job a couple days ago. It was so exciting because she has really wanted this. To be honest, I'm freaked out. I mean, my brother is going to college, my sister is getting a job, and I am a teenager (when did that happen??). It's insane because I remember just a couple years ago when I barely even had to think about college. It was something way away in the distance, but now, it's less than 5 years away. That's scary. And with my sister's new job, I'll be seeing a lot less of her. That really sucks. I mean, she's my best friend! I'm going to miss her. With her juggling school, work, and her hobbies, that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to chill out with her little sister and watch Gilmore Girls.



  1. I totally know what you mean when it comes to your siblings growing up. Sereina having a job, and Tiana having a job is weird. Then I have a job... and my hobbies at the stable... it's just weird. Excitingly thrilling, and yet, I can't help but long for when I was little. It's a new phase of life, and I'm taking it with exhilaration and all. But I kinda miss the old days. :)

    1. Yeah, I'm excited for something new, but at the same time I don't want things to change.

  2. Oh! Jasmine is beautiful! And I love that name; it totally fits her.

    It can be really hard when your life starts to change with siblings moving out, going to college, etc. I remember when my oldest sister went off to college, I was an emotional wreck:( Hang in there!

    (Oh, and not to sound shallow or anything, but you watch Gilmore Girls?!?!?! I love that show! (Of course, I've only seen the first four seasons, but still. I've read that it kinda goes downhill from there in terms of *ahem* morality…what are your thoughts on that?)

    1. Yeah, I thought it was quite fitting. :)

      YES!!! My sister and I are obsessed with Gilmore Girls. And I would agree that it does start getting questionable around the fifth season, but my sister and I continued watching on the basis that we were both very firm in our beliefs and knowledge of right and wrong. That's not to say that we go around dismissing sin because "we know right from wrong". I would say that ultimately, it's a good enough show that we continue to watch it. The immoral...moments, are few and far between enough that we can skip them without having to do it too often.


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