Old Yeller Review

Well, here is one of two posts for Western Week!!

Let me start by saying that I haven't seen this movie in a long time, but I re-watched yesterday in honor of Western Week.

Summary: courtesy of google. 
While Jim Coates is off on a cattle drive, his wife, Katie, and sons, Travis and Arliss, are left behind on their Texas ranch. When a runaway dog named Old Yeller causes damage in one of their fields, Travis tries to drive him away. However, Travis and Katie both warm to Old Yeller when he saves Arliss from a bear attack. As Travis and the brave and faithful dog grow closer, concern grows about an outbreak of rabies.

First Impression:
When you first start watching this movie, you think it's a sweet, charming movie with lovable characters. Travis is the perfect picture of the boy who thinks he's a man, and Arliss is the perfect picture of a little, headstrong boy oblivious to the world. When Old Yeller turns up, Travis' immediate dislike of the destructive dog quickly turns to a deep affection. So far the movie is sweet. Old Yeller saves Arliss, then Travis', and then finally saves everyone from a wolf attack. But the price of this dog's loyalty is steep. 
The moment that Old Yeller stops the wolf, you know what's going to happen, and you wish you didn't. The first time I watched this movie as a small child (5 or 6), I was bawling. It was heartbreaking.
I know just how you feel, Alice.
Rating and Overview
This is a very sweet, touching movie, but if you think for one second that it is going to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, then you are in for a treat. And not the kind covered in chocolate and presented with a smile. The kind that leaves you feeling like you were just dipped in boiling hot tar and rolled through a field of cactuses  cactus  cacti? 
If you think that this movie is appropriate for emotionally fragile little children...then think again.

I give this movie
4.5 stars.
As wonderful as this movie is, the only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that Old Yeller died, and the mother is a little...perky.
I would recommend this movie to anyone and everyone except emotionally fragile children.



  1. I would read the review, but then I'd become angry at the world in general, so...I think p'raps I should pass;-P But I did want to let you know, thank you for participating!:D And I look forward to your Cowboys and Aliens review!!

    1. Totally understandable!
      And Western Week has been a blast. I never realized how many movies are actually classified as 'Westerns'.

  2. .... and I watched this movie as an emotionally fragile child, and have been scarred for life. Hehehe! I will probably never watch this movie again if I can help it. I still don't do sad very well.

    1. Oh dear, scarred for life is never fun. ;)


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