Since watching Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast, I've kind of been on a Tinkerbell rampage. I scoured Netflix high and low for all the movies I could find, and I have now proudly seen almost all of them. They're just so gosh darned addictive! Plus, this little world in Pixie Hollow ties in with my love of all things Peter Pan. These movies are so much fun to watch.

It's almost 1:00 am, and I'm writing this because I can't sleep. Naturally, if someone couldn't sleep, they would start writing a blog post for the heck of it. That's what normal people do...not.
It means nothing to me. 

I had to write a short bio for something and being the obsessive overachiever that I am, I wrote half a page complete with two quotes and something to the effect of "Reach for the stars." Awful, I know. After writing all that, I talked with my sister and decided to trim it down, so I deleted most of it. This is an excellent testimony to my perfectionist nature when it comes to writing. :)

I finally watched the "Live Taping of Studio C", and it was epic!! All of the new sketches are hilarious. If you have not seen/heard of Studio C, you have to go check it out. RIGHT NOW! 

I feel like I always forget about holidays, like the 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter. It's almost as if I forget what they signify. Actually, I don't even know what St. Patrick's Day signifies. It's a day dedicated to wearing green and pinching people. I just Googled what St. Patrick's Day is about, and I guess it started as a Roman holiday celebrating St. Patrick. He wasn't even Irish!! Wow. 
Anywho, back on track. Happy 4th of July and all that sentiment nonsense.
This will always be my favorite joke.
Because I can. 
Anywho, that's all the time I got.


  1. That last gif is so majestic, I can't even

    1. Oh yes. I felt that it was appropriate for the 4th of July. :)

    2. Whoops, I was signed in on my brothers account up there. It was me.


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