Fluffy Bunnies of Cuteness

The babies were born!!! The baby rabbits were born, and they are so cute!! Hairless? Yes. Blind? Yes. Trying to hop but failing miserably? Yes. Adorable? Yes.
They may look hairless, but they're so soft and helpless that you can't help but love them. That's them at three days old. My brother had to take them out of their little fur-nest thing to weigh them, so everyone got to hold them. For being so little, they're surprisingly active. They were stumbling around like maniacs. When they tried to hop, their back-legs went up, but their front didn't, so they tumbled over themselves. There are nine in the litter, so that's a lot for a first time mama to deal with. Usually most of the first litter doesn't make it because the mother doesn't know what to do with the tiny hairless creatures. Her instincts are just kicking in and she doesn't quiet know what they mean, but so far, there have been no rabbit left behind. That's good.
8 days old

This is Snowball. She is the quietest and calmest, so that's why I was able to get a picture of her. 
11 days old.
I've been so lucky to have this experience with the rabbits and chickens. I never thought that we would actually do it and I was skeptical at first about the chickens. I mean, as chicks they are the cutest little things, but as they get older, they look awkward and ugly and start to stink, but not for a second have I ever doubted having rabbits. I mean, they're so cute and soft and adorable and tiny.  

Yep, so those are the tiny rabbits that have taken over my thoughts. Though I have been peed on twice, so that's the only drawback. :) They have yet to all be named officially, I have most of the names already picked out, we just have to wait until we can tell whether they're boys or girls. :) 
Completely grey one = Fury
2 White and black ones = Ash and Oreo
Three white ones = Snowball, Blizzard, Death
The white and caramel one = Caramel
Completely caramel one = Toffee

And they are all the sweetest things ever.



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    1. I know!! They're getting so big, but they're still really tiny compared to a full sized rabbit. I wish you could see them!


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