Have I ever mentioned how excited I get when people tag me? It's only happened twice, but it's really cool to be scrolling through a blog, minding your own business when all of a sudden you see your name! It was awesome to be tagged once, but twice! It feels as if I have graduated from that of a small, sad blogger existence and moved on to greater things. Okay, enough messing around.
This song is going to be stuck in my head.

1.  Thank the blogger[s] who nominated you, linking back to [their] blogs.
The wonderful Olivia nominated me. Thanks!
2.  Put the Award logo on your blog.
3.  Answer the ten questions sent to you.
Easy. I was born ready to answer these questions.
4.  Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
I will think of something. ;)
5.  Nominate ten blogs.
Okay, I'm going to be honest. I almost laughed when it said nominate ten blogs. I'll do my best.

1.  What is one movie/tv dwelling place in which you would like to live?
Ooo, this is hard. I would say...Once Upon a Time or Doctor Who. 
Once Upon a Time because I am naturally drawn to the fantasy, white knight and dragon kind of thing. I love good ol' fairytales, and I would love to be part of one. 
Doctor Who because of #1 The Doctor. Getting to spend my life with a zany, hilarious, and irresponsible alien would be paradise. #2 Because of the TARDIS. I could go anywhere, and that would be amazing.
2.  One character from a musical whom you really love?

Eric aka le fantome de l'Opera. Or the Angel of Music, Ghost of Box 5, etc. There was a time where I would have said my reason for liking him was because I could relate, and not in the disfigured, creepy stalker way, but the rejected, can't fit in kind of way, but that was when I was in my ultra dramatic phase. Now I like him because of his convoluted character. I think that instead of seeing him as either someone who should've gotten the girl or someone who 'got what was coming to him', he should be seen as someone to pity. I mean, his entire young life was spent being pointed at and feared and when you're taught that you should be feared and not loved, you get messed up. I actually wrote a paper on Eric, so I could go on and on for two and a half pages.

3.  Is there a particular wardrobe item you find yourself wearing over and over?
Do jeans count? Because I have six pairs of pants (Capri pants, shorts, jeans all included), and I don't even mean to, but of those six I only ever wear two. With summer coming, that'll narrow it down to one, but if we're talking about a recurring fashion choice that I make consciously then I would have to say either my I'd Rather Be Reading shirt that I love with all my heart or a green-plaid, longsleeve, button-up that is technically too big for me and technically my brother's, but it's so comfortable.
4.  What is your favorite fruit?
I think this changes every day. One day my favorite fruit is watermelon then it's kiwi then it's pineapple and then if I'm in an adventurous mood, it's dragonfruit. Since I'm in a summery mood, it's watermelon. 
5.  Top five TV shows?
Not in order, because that would be mayhem.
1. Doctor Who.
2. The Flash or Agents of Shield.
3. Sherlock.
4. Arrow.
5. BBC Robin Hood

6.  Do you like to listen to the radio?
Radio Status: It's complicated. 
There was a summer where I made over $70 from weeding (5 bucks an hour), and all I did was listen to the radio on my iPod. At the time I had very few songs on my iPod, and the only station that wasn't pure static was 100.7 The Wolf. aka the most generic country station that ever was. All the cliche and same old songs were played over and over. I can now sing most of the country songs from the past five years word for word or at least the chorus. No joke. So I did listen to the radio only because I was desperate. Now, if I ever do switch on the good ol' radio, it's to listen to Spirit 105.3. It's a Christian station that actually has good music.

7.  How many pets do you have, if any, and if you don't have any, would you like one?
Yes! I do have a pet! 
This is a West Highland White Terrier more commonly known as a Westie. His name is Finlay which means White Warrior in Scottish. I have to say that I could not ask for a better pet, though I have always wanted a cat.
He is the sweetest, toughest, and adorable dog that I have ever met/seen. He has such a personality for a dog that it's hilarious to watch him. He's part cat because he will chase any bright light or laser pointer; it is the funniest thing to watch. He also bats at things. I love this dog with all my heart, and we've had him for over four years.
8.  Do you like school?
I am very lucky to say that yes, I do like school. I am homeschooled, so my entire day is my school. It is full of learning and obtaining life skills. I am so lucky to be homeschooled. :) 

9.  Are you more inspired by the mountains, the seaside, or the country?
Hmm, that's hard to answer. I love the mountains, and they inspire me greatly, but...I would have to go with the seaside. Something about the sand, the water, and the sounds just really gets my creativity going. 

10.  Do you enjoy poetry?
It depends. I like writing poetry, and I like reading a certain style of poetry, but stuff that is dull, dry, and goes on forever...I do not enjoy. I read stuff like Shel Silverstein. I know that some people don't consider Shel Silverstein a real poet, but I do. He's what got me dabbling in poetry.
I also actually have a poem published. It was about a year ago that this poem was published.

Each season has its song, and the voice is always strong,
Whether it be birds, a brook, or rustling leaves,
Soft sunlight, crashing waves,or a dancing breeze,
There is one song that is whispered across the land,
When the ground is brushed with winters hand,
The water is frozen and all is still,
There is one voice that echoes across the hill,
A giggling girl, a running boy,
Both shrieking out with the song of joy,
That is the best melody I hear,
of fallen snow and a child's cheer.
So yeah, I guess I do enjoy poetry. :)

Now for making up my own questions. Oh bother. I never know what questions to do. :)

1. Have you ever been in a car accident?
2. Have you ever danced in the rain?
3. Do you trust anyone with your life?
4. What is your perfect pizza?
5. If the TARDIS landed on your front step, where would you go first?
6. What cheers you up when you're having a bad day?
7. (I know I shouldn't ask this one, but I'm evil) What is your favorite book? ;)
8. What is your favorite and least favorite word in the English language?
9. What is the weirdest thing about yourself?
10. If you could do anything anywhere, what would you do? 
and a bonus question: How do you pronounce Gif?

Turns out I can think of ten questions. I just hope they're not boring. 

I tag...
Honor. ;)

Uhh, I think that's all the bloggers I really follow. 

And with that, this glorious post draws to an end. Once again, thank you Olivia for tagging me. It's been a pleasure. 



  1. You wrote a paper on Erik?!?!?!?! YOU MUST POST IT. 'Cause I greatly want to read it:D

    Robin Hood made it into the top five! *fist bump*

    Your dog is so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!

    And your poem! Wowzeewowza. Beautiful!

    Aw, and you're so welcome! I love it when people answer my questions XD

    1. I guess I'll post it one of these days. :)

      Oh yes, of course Robin Hood made it. I mean, that ending ruined my life.

      Thanks! He agrees that he's really cute.

      Aww, that's so sweet. I had kind of forgotten about it until I answered the question.

      I love doing tags. They're just so much fun. It was a pleasure answering these questions. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Thanks for tagging me Laura! Can't wait to do this one!

    1. Yeah! I can't wait to see your answers. ;)

  3. I shalt answer this tag immediately! :D

    1. Perfect! Looking forward to seeing it. :)


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