The Not-Your-Average Disney Tag

Thank you to Honor for tagging me.

#1. Favorite Disney Movie of all time?
If you haven't guessed it by now, it's Treasure Planet. I just love that movie so much. It's funny, fresh, and who doesn't love a space remake of Treasure Island? The characters are so unique, and I think that it's so cool that it had no romantic plot. Sometimes the Disneyfied relationships are so unrealistic and outrageous that it's difficult to swallow, so that's why I think breaks from it are awesome. The animation on this movie was stunning. Overall, I love this movie with all my heart. This might be one of my favorite movies ever.

#2. Favorite Disney Character?
James Hawkins. What else did you expect? He's just so lovable, and it helps that I relate to him quite a lot. 

#3. First Disney movie seen in Cinemas?
Oh gosh, I think that would be...Big Hero 6. We just never went to see movies in theaters that often. And the ones that we did were the big productions of the year like The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, etc.  So when we finally saw a Disney movie in theaters, it was a big deal for me.

#4. What Disney item do you collect the most?
I don't. Well, I guess t-shirts? Because I have three and that's all the Disney merchandise that I have. I know, shocking, but as much as I love Disney, I've just never really collected anything.

#5. What is your Favorite Disney Song?
Well, that's going to be hard to answer. I think maybe..."God Help the Outcasts", "I'll Make a Man out of You", "Mother Knows Best", and...yeah, that's all I can think of. 

Oh! Not to mention "Be Our Guest". It's such a fun, happy song that I used to love with all my heart.

#6. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet?
I guess Tom Hanks or Idina Menzel. I don't know the voice actors very well.

#7. Favorite Disney movie that is not a Classic?
Brave or The Princess and the Frog.

#8. Flounder, Sebastian or Scuttle?
Flounder. Because one can always use a good sidekick that will put up with one's shenanigans. And because I've always wanted a fish for some weird reason.

#9. Saddest moment in a Disney Movie?
SO MANY!!!!! Bambi when his mother is shot. That hunter was a monster. In the Fox and the Hound when Tod is left behind. Uhg, it gets me every time. In the Lion King. I think we all know the moment, "Dad, wake up! Come on, get up!"
I'm not okay. Let's see, what other heartbreaking moments are there. Oh! In Tarzan when his "father" dies. Two words, Monsters Inc. "Kitty has to go, Boo." Why??!! The Princess and the Frog, Ray and Evangeline. Up, you all know what scene I mean. Tangled, "You were my new dream." Toy Story 3, "So long, partner." Big Hero 6, when Baymax gives himself up to save Hiro and Abigail.
To sum it all up, I'm not going to choose just one. Okay, moving on.

#10. Which Disney Princess has the best sidekicks?
I can narrow it down to two. 
I mean, he's so darned cute. Just look at those big eyes. 
He has the coolest gangster face ever.
He is always there to comfort Rapunzel.
He goes along with her shenanigans like every good little sidekick should.

He gives good advice.
And he always has her back.
He's a great sidekick.


He starts out as hating his job, but then when he actually gets to know Mulan, he begins to genuinely care for her.
Plus, he just has great one liners.

So yeah, those are my two favorite Disney sidekicks.

Bonus Question: Of the lesser known Disney movies, what one would you recommend?
Hmm, I would have to recommend The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis: The Lost City, and Treasure Planet. 

I tag Rosie.
I tag Olivia
and I tag Alina. 
Go, fulfill your destiny. 



  1. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for tagging me. I was secretly hoping throughout the whole post that you would;)

    Yay, someone else who has seen and appreciates The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

    Okay, so RAY THOUGH. I was so not prepared for the emotional effect that had on me. Just why.

    Pascal and Mushu are two of the best:D

    1. Haha, of course. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. :) I couldn't resist.

      I love that movie! Unfortunately it isn't as widely known as I think it should be because it is such a fun movie. Though the book is depressing. Have you read it?

      Who knew Disney could take such a sweet, crazy old guy/firefly and twist our hearts like that.

      They really are a lot of fun. It was hard to pick between Pascal, Olaf, and Maximus for who got the space, but in the end, Pascal won out.

  2. AHHhhhh!! great post! I love Mushu too! He's probably my favorite sidekick. ;)

    1. Thanks! These kinds of tags are a blast. :)
      I know, right?! He's just hilarious.


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