The End of the World Needs Caffeine.

We got a whole bunch of new tea from a new brand. This brand includes quotes on the teabags. At first I found it really weird, but then I started to look forward to seeing what the quote was. It's like a fortune cookie. I don't really care, and I know it's not going to do anything, but I love knowing what it is. My quote today was "Every man dies, but not every man lives."-William Wallace.
It's that kind of sappy, inspirational stuff.

 Yesterday was insane. I was listening to the latest composer I found, Thomas Newman. He has a lot of relaxing, emotional music that is perfect for where I am in my book. All of a sudden, through the peaceful music, I hear something that sounds like BBs are being shot at our windows. I quickly go to investigate only to find that the world is ending. Hail slightly larger than BBs are falling from the sky. When I step out to feel how cold it is, my neck and arms are immediately met with stinging from the small, ice cold BBs. It was intense. The poor rabbits in our backyard were terrified. Like I said, the world was ending.

I'm reading a book by the author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (which is a horribly depressing book if you ever choose to read it). It's so sad, yet I am glad that I read it. The movie made me cry. I don't cry a whole lot during live action. I cry during cartoons more than anything. I am not a ashamed of that fact, but it is quite odd. Up gets me every time. So does Treasure Planet. 
The beginning of Up leaves me thinking, "Conceal, don't feel. Don't let them know."  Anyways, the book that I'm reading right now is called Stay Where You Are and then Leave. It focuses more on the damage and the aftermath of war. I'm more interested in the aftermath than the actual war generally. I think seeing how wars change the world, people, and trends is astounding.

Piano is going fabulously. I am very happy to admit that I am almost done with I am the Doctor. It has been such a fun piece to learn.

I've been having more and more coffee lately. I need to slack off. I don't want to start depending on it. That's the same reason why I slacked off green tea. I don't want to start needing it to stay awake and get energy, but it's so good!
In the end, I'm going to need my shoulder angel to step in and do what's right. 
On that happy note, 


  1. We got that crazy hail here too! I was working on my dads computer, when I was like, "it's someone cooking upstairs? Is something burning?" I'd left my door open to the outside deck, so I could hear it pounding on the roof of the chicken coop and other random things. It was fun just standing there on the deck and watching the rain and hail pour down. Gloomy weather like that makes my soul feel alive.

    1. Yeah, it was really cool. I've never seen hail like that before!

  2. "It's like a hug in a cup." <3

    1. IT IS!!!! Don't judge me, I love my coffee. :)


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