Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Favorites

There's this book series that I've wanted to give a try for a while now. It's called Half Upon a Time. It is It has a perfect blend of humor, adventure, action, and fantasy. Now I won't tell you my favorite parts.
I just finished the third book (it is a trilogy) and I am glad that I decided to read it. Plus, the author is so funny. He mentioned one of his books in one of his other books. His short little bio on the back of the books are clever. He reminds me of a sort of less quirky Lemony Snicket.
I found a song called Renegades by the X Ambassadors. I actually found it through a jeep commercial. When the commercial came on, I heard the background music, and I just had to find that song. It's kind of a hipster alternative rock, but it's super catchy and it is perfect for the theme song of this one character I'm writing about.

My favorite character this month would be...hmm, can I pick my own characters? If so, then Anna. She is one that I really relate to, except she is a bit more extreme (okay fine, way more extreme) than I am. If I can't pick my own characters, then May. She's the heroine in Half Upon a Time. I find her really funny and quite sarcastic. Sarcastic characters are always fun, there were times where she was a bit too snarky, but overall, she was fun to read about.

A tea that my sister showed me how to make. It's really good, and I can't stop drinking it. It's a mixture of Stevia, Red Raspberry leaf, and Rooibos tea. The result is a delicious concoction that is sweet with a slight tang, and it is a perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Well, that would be Chocolate Protein Pancakes. My sister showed me how to make these as well. They are a healthy and gluten free pancake. The only ingredients are mashed up banana, egg, and a scoop of chocolate protein powder. You mix those all together and there's your batter! I am kind of obsessed with them because they taste amazing, and I don't feel guilty about eating them.

                                                                  TV Show
Doctor Who. That's a bit of an obvious choice, but I had to say it. I've just missed Doctor Who a lot. I was so excited when I got the eighth season. It was a little weird for me at first, with the new Doctor and all. Once again, I won't post any spoilers, but I just want to say this, Peter Capaldi is awesome.

AGE OF ULTRON!!! This was one that I was ecstatic to see. I already knew that Spoilers: Pietro died. For some weird reason I had his name stuck in my mind as Pierre. That's odd. I also knew about the whole Bruce Nat thing, but luckily that didn't give away too much. Since I knew that Pietro died, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. "Is this is it?" I really wish he didn't die, but hopefully he'll come back. I mean, he's quick healing...right? And Doctor Cho had that cell regeneration machine... Does anyone else see where I'm going with this? End of Spoilers. I was still able to enjoy this movie immensely. I love Marvel movies.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday!

My dear sister, today you turned 16. That's insane. It feels like just yesterday that you were 15 and carefree with no wrinkles or hobble in your step. Just kidding, you've always had the wrinkles and a hobble in your step. :)

I can't believe that my big sister is 16. She has been my best friend for a long time, and has always had my back.

I think it's kind of funny that she always has taken care of me from day one. I mean, when she was three and I was six months old, she was feeding me and like a little mother. Actually, for a while, I called her my second mother. I just hope that one day I can show her the love and support that she has always shown me.

Bethany's birthday was a blast. First off, we had chocolate pancakes. They were delicious. After that we went to a beach/hike. The hike was to get to the beach. And let me just say, it was beautiful. The water was such a consistent, deep blue, and the smell of the salt and seaweed was more than welcome, I've missed it a lot. We played around on the rocks and looked for sea anemones and beach glass. Then Bethany asked me to hold her camera for a bit, and as I did, I decided to snap a few pictures. I realized how much I love photography. Okay, to be fair, I don't love it enough to get a super expensive camera, but I really like it. A lot. I never thought that I was good at it, and it turns out, I'm not bad! After that, we just chilled on the beach  and I was able to work through a plot hole that I've been stuck on. It was awesome to be able to get out of the house and have a change of scenery to shake things up.

Next was the Chinese restaurant. The first one we tried was totally and completely sketch. It was super small and no one, and I mean no one, was there. Except for one dude behind the bar who was watching TV. It smelled like smoke and stale beer, so we decided not to eat there. Our alternative was wonderful. We tried a place called The Black Pearl, so they get bonus points for such an awesome name. The food was awesome too.

Then we headed back to the house to play games, have desert, and open presents.

For her birthday, I'm giving her the manuscript of my first novel. The novel is still in First Draft stage, but I think she should read it. I need someone in on the process and giving feedback. Plus she really wants to read it, and I really want her to read it, but at the same time I am super nervous. I hope it's okay!

Anywho, her birthday has been a lot of fun, and I better not miss out on a second of it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Season Eight Emotions

I found a really cool song in Gaelic that I can't stop listening to. It's called Fear a Bhata, and I am totally in love with it. It's so hard finding songs in Gaelic, so when I do, I either expect them to be completely mad, or really awesome. This one was completely awesome. I think it's right up there with Noble Maiden Fair. I can sing about 2/5ths of it and I am slowly being able to sing more.

Okay, I finished my annual testing. Homeschoolers are required by law to do it, unfortunately. When I first got there, I was kind of nervous. I mean, you're put into a room full of random kids you don't know and told to make no noise.
I hope I did alright on the test, but I'm not expecting much. I'm going to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. At the end everyone was given a Dumdum. I appreciated that. I haven't had Dumdums in ages. And it was delicious! All in all, I hope I did well, but a test doesn't determine my level of awesomeness or my creativity, so I'm not worried.

Yesterday evening was a dream. We had just gotten back from the library, and I had an abundance of books to read (I still do). But instead of picking up a delightful fantasy novel, I decided to instead read a cynical, sarcastic, and ridiculous comic. Good ol' Garfield. The sun was gorgeously shining through the window, illuminating the entire front room in it's glowing warmth, and I was just so...peaceful. It was pure bliss.

I just watched the Doctor Who Season Eight finale. Don't worry, there are no spoilers here. It took my heart and it stomped on it repeatedly, to be blunt. I hate it, but I love it. I'm sure that by the time it finished, I looked like a mess.
When I first got it, a friend told me that there was a major plot twist. At first I was a bit skeptical. 
But now I realize that yes, that was a huge plot twist. I honestly didn't see it coming (though I should have) and I wouldn't have had it done any other way. I'm really hoping everything turns out okay. Though I do want to say, what was up with that clip at the end? Yeah, you all know what I'm talking about. I'm a bit bewildered. 
But now I am SO excited to see Season 9. Though how, I have no idea yet. Sorry, my brain is still recovering from all these emotions.

Well, that's it. I need to go to therapy. Never mind, not even therapy could help all this. 

Have any of you seen the old way of the Doctor's regeneration? The 'mummy process' I like to call it. It is so bizzare and strange that you can't help but laugh. Thank goodness for the new way of regeneration. Granted, in twenty years I'll probably be saying the same thing about a different way of regeneration.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Not-Your-Average Disney Tag

Thank you to Honor for tagging me.

#1. Favorite Disney Movie of all time?
If you haven't guessed it by now, it's Treasure Planet. I just love that movie so much. It's funny, fresh, and who doesn't love a space remake of Treasure Island? The characters are so unique, and I think that it's so cool that it had no romantic plot. Sometimes the Disneyfied relationships are so unrealistic and outrageous that it's difficult to swallow, so that's why I think breaks from it are awesome. The animation on this movie was stunning. Overall, I love this movie with all my heart. This might be one of my favorite movies ever.

#2. Favorite Disney Character?
James Hawkins. What else did you expect? He's just so lovable, and it helps that I relate to him quite a lot. 

#3. First Disney movie seen in Cinemas?
Oh gosh, I think that would be...Big Hero 6. We just never went to see movies in theaters that often. And the ones that we did were the big productions of the year like The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, etc.  So when we finally saw a Disney movie in theaters, it was a big deal for me.

#4. What Disney item do you collect the most?
I don't. Well, I guess t-shirts? Because I have three and that's all the Disney merchandise that I have. I know, shocking, but as much as I love Disney, I've just never really collected anything.

#5. What is your Favorite Disney Song?
Well, that's going to be hard to answer. I think maybe..."God Help the Outcasts", "I'll Make a Man out of You", "Mother Knows Best", and...yeah, that's all I can think of. 

Oh! Not to mention "Be Our Guest". It's such a fun, happy song that I used to love with all my heart.

#6. Which Disney voice actor would you most like to meet?
I guess Tom Hanks or Idina Menzel. I don't know the voice actors very well.

#7. Favorite Disney movie that is not a Classic?
Brave or The Princess and the Frog.

#8. Flounder, Sebastian or Scuttle?
Flounder. Because one can always use a good sidekick that will put up with one's shenanigans. And because I've always wanted a fish for some weird reason.

#9. Saddest moment in a Disney Movie?
SO MANY!!!!! Bambi when his mother is shot. That hunter was a monster. In the Fox and the Hound when Tod is left behind. Uhg, it gets me every time. In the Lion King. I think we all know the moment, "Dad, wake up! Come on, get up!"
I'm not okay. Let's see, what other heartbreaking moments are there. Oh! In Tarzan when his "father" dies. Two words, Monsters Inc. "Kitty has to go, Boo." Why??!! The Princess and the Frog, Ray and Evangeline. Up, you all know what scene I mean. Tangled, "You were my new dream." Toy Story 3, "So long, partner." Big Hero 6, when Baymax gives himself up to save Hiro and Abigail.
To sum it all up, I'm not going to choose just one. Okay, moving on.

#10. Which Disney Princess has the best sidekicks?
I can narrow it down to two. 
I mean, he's so darned cute. Just look at those big eyes. 
He has the coolest gangster face ever.
He is always there to comfort Rapunzel.
He goes along with her shenanigans like every good little sidekick should.

He gives good advice.
And he always has her back.
He's a great sidekick.


He starts out as hating his job, but then when he actually gets to know Mulan, he begins to genuinely care for her.
Plus, he just has great one liners.

So yeah, those are my two favorite Disney sidekicks.

Bonus Question: Of the lesser known Disney movies, what one would you recommend?
Hmm, I would have to recommend The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Atlantis: The Lost City, and Treasure Planet. 

I tag Rosie.
I tag Olivia
and I tag Alina. 
Go, fulfill your destiny. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

New Chicks!!!

The Prince of Egypt movie never ceases to amaze me. I think it's kinda like Treasure Planet for me. I think that these kinds of movies are so wonderful and awe inspiring. Not to mention the flawless soundtrack for both of these fabulous movies. They are truly wonderful.
And if we're talking about flawless soundtracks here, I have to mention the Brave soundtrack. It is a must for anyone who breathes.

I just realized that I missed my blog's birthday. I started it on the first day of 2014. Well, in honor of it's belated birthday, I'm going to share my first post all over again.
           "So, this is new to me. I guess I should just say something intelligent to prove to you 
           that I am smart. Because I am. I'm not crazy. I promise, I'm really not! Anywho, I'm 
           Olaf, and I like warm hugs! Sorry, I speak two languages. English and movie quotes. 
           Just in case you all don't know, that was a quote from "Frozen". Even though I haven't 
           seen it I have seen a ton of previews! I want to see it so badly!! I am kind of rambling
            now. So I think I should end this post. I really should. So I will. Goodbye."
Wow, that is pitiful.

Someone asked me a while back why I started my blog. I decided that I wanted to write my answer out. Here goes. Why I started my blog.
I felt that even though I didn't have lots of eloquent, thoughtful, and poignant things to say, I still has random stuff that I was wanting to throw at the world  share. I think that my reasons for starting this was more for the heck of it than anything. Well, and because some people I knew were starting a blog and it sounded really fun. But then as it progressed, I did it out of habit, but now, I do it because I truly enjoy it. It has become something that I look forward to during the day, something that I love. I think it's so much fun to have a little blogging community and share blogs, posts, and different things. Anywho, yeah, so that's why I started. For the heck of it.

Hah!!! Season Eight of the beloved Doctor Who just came into my clutches to the library for *activate Shawn Spencer voice* Me! Do a little happy dance, uh-huh, that's right. Ahhh!! I am freaking out right now. I've been waiting for this since the universe began for a long time. I am so excited, and as time goes on, I will be posting my reactions and thoughts on this season. I am so excited.

We just got a new shipment of little baby chicks. They are even tinier than the first batch. I didn't even know that was possible!
That's right. We have nine of those little cuties. My brother (they're his) named them Gunpowder. But I'm going to call them Ash 'cuz they're white too. 
I love them with all my heart. I love having little chicks that are small than the palm of my hand. They are just so precious. And we have NINE of these little fluffballs of darkness. 

With that, I bit you farewell.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Peter Pan Obsession

Recently I've had a major Peter Pan obsession. It might have something to do with the fact that I finally got around to watching the 2003 adaptation of Peter Pan, and hugely with the fact that I just saw the Pan trailer about two minutes ago. I looked up when the Peter Pan movie was made because I felt obligated to specify that I wasn't talking about the Disney cartoon one, and while I thoroughly enjoy that one, that's a post for another day. While I was scrolling through Google results, trying to find the right one, I stumbled upon a little, wonderful thing that said Pan (2015). Of course I clicked on it because I am curios and slightly completely obsessed with Peter Pan after-all. You have to watch it.

Anywho, back to what I was saying. When I saw the 2003 movie, I loved it. It inspired me to re-watch the charming Disney cartoon. That in turn drew up some old memories of childhood longing. As a young(er) child, I spent many a late night sitting on our deck, gazing up at the stars, and wishing that Peter Pan would come swooping down from the sky with a gleam in his eye, and he would invite me to fly with him to Neverland. Of course that never happened, otherwise I wouldn't be here, but I hoped it would. To some degree, I still hope it does because honestly, I will always believe in Peter Pan.
I don't quite know why Peter Pan has captured my fancy so much, but sometimes, when the sky is clear and the stars are bright, I sometimes catch myself looking out the window and wishing with all my might that I might visit Neverland. I've had dreams about it more times that I can count. I would hang out with the Lost Boys and become a Lost Girl because as long as there are windows, stars, or tales of Neverland, I will never stop waiting for the boy who never grew up.

There it is, you now know all about my one dream that has never died and never will secret obsession. In case you can't tell, I'm a real fan of these things here. They're so much fun!

Anywho, I say all this to end with a grand announcement. I've wanted to write a Peter Pan retelling for a long time, and most of it has been just speculation and gathering images, but I finally constructed a plot outline, and I will be writing it. I am truly delighted to have the chance to not only write about the world that has always been just out of reach, but I also get to make myself a part of it. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Season 2 of AoS.

I am in shock, to be honest. I was already stunned by the explosive almost-ending and I thought that everything got wrapped up nicely. And then...whoo boy. Okay, let me start at the beginning, I just finished the season finale of Marvel's Agents of Shield. I've been looking forward to this one because I knew a lot of big stuff was going to happen.
Warning, MAJOR spoilers.
I'm going to focus on the end of it because I don't have enough energy right now to cover all that happened. When Coulson cuaght the crystal, I was like,
I knew it was supposed to mean something big, but it didn't quite sink in until the creepy grey stone stuff from hell  stuff started to go up his arm. I realized that this wasn't good, and I had a little meltdown inside. Okay fine, I was ready to die. Coulson couldn't go! Then the ax's blade came down and I was once again in shock for a second. 

Fast forward to Skye's dad's redemption?  restitution. It was heartbreaking. And it was wonderfully tragic. I really am a sucker for those kinds of things. The goodbye between Skye and her father was also heartbreaking. I knew that she would never see him again, or at least as Cal, and no matter what he has done to her, he's her dad! That's not something easily dismissed, plus with his good side showing more in the past couple of episodes. I feel so bad for him because Skye's mom really just used him for the most part. I do believe that she loved him, but just like Rumpelstiltskin, she loved the power and control just too much.  When Skye saw her dad again, but as a sweet man who had no idea of the horrible things he had done, I was strangely happy with it. I mean, he got to live without being tortured with the knowledge and memories of all the bad things he had done. At first I though he was a milkman. Okay, don't judge, he was wearing a white coat and I saw him carrying something. So, naturally, one would assume milkman. :)

Now for the real whopper. 
I'm not going to lie, I am a hardcore FitzSimmons shipper, so when he asked her to dinner, I was fangirling. I mean, they had been my Agents of Shield OTP for two seasons. This was the moment I had been waiting for. And Fitz was being all adorable and awkward. I mean, how can you not just love adorable awkward Fitz? He's the greatest. 

But then...oh, but then. 
Jemma gets sweapt up by that creepy black stuff that has ruined everything that is good and holy in this world  is bad, and left us with an abrupt and completely shocking ending.

I went upstairs, shocked to say the least, and my mom asked, 
To which I replied,

Why must season finales break hearts and stomp on feelings? Well, that is how it goes with great stories, they either end forever with happiness, or continue with heartbreak. 

And with that profound quote from Despereaux *cough* I mean Wesley, I shall bid you all a good night.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Header

Haha! Lookie what I made. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought, and I love it! Yep, I'm pretty excited with it. I wanted to have it match the background, yet also not be just boring blocks of color. I hope that it looks good and reflects my personality. Anywho, yeah. So,...whaddya think?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Screen Characters Tag

Well, I think the title says it all. I would like to thank Alina for tagging me, but I think she took all the good characters. Oh well, I'll see what I can drum up.

First off, from my favorite Disney movie ever made.
                                                              Jim Hawkins
James Hawkins is one of my favorite characters of all time. To some degree I can relate to him. He wanted to fix what he had done, and he was brave and noble in the end. He's funny, sarcastic, and adventurous, not to mention that he was technically my first fictional crush. I mean, who can blame me.
I think that all of us most of us can relate to this.

And since we're talking about Treasure Planet, I have to mention the wonderful Long John Silver.  
I mean, just look at that. He's a big softie. A lot of people don't like him because he supposedly betrayed Jim, but honestly, that's not the case. Okay fine, he did betray Jim, but when he got on that ship, he didn't expect to meet a young boy who needed a father to spark a little remorse and compassion in himself. He didn't want that. It's not like he wanted to abandon Jim or anything like that. I mean, he even asked Jim to come along with him in the end, but Jim declined because he knew that wouldn't be the right thing. Silver genuinely cared about Jimbo, and he was overall a great character. I like my heroes flawed, and my villains kind. I know that seems oxymoron, but that's what I love. As well as psychopaths. I'm truly a sucker for a good psychopath. And speaking of that, here's my next choice. 

You didn't expect me to ignore Loki, now did you?
Loki is a complex character who is portrayed brilliantly by Tom Hiddleson. I could write so much on him, but I will keep it to a minimum.  
Loki of Asgard is one of my favorites because he is a good villain. He feels remorse, regret, love, and compassion just like any other, but because of his anger and feeling of betrayal, he chooses to ignore those emotions. Plus, one can not just ignore his wit and humor that I enjoy.
Ahh, so much sass. 

Hermione Granger
She's such a strong character. She's smart, witty, and emotionally strong, yet she does cry and feel dumb or not enough at times. She's a very real character. I think that girls should know that they can be smart and strong without giving up anything. Plus, she's just epic. 
Sure, she was bossy at times, but that's what made her such a good character, her flaws. 

Now on to another know-it-all.

Of course you expected this. At first, Sherlock is a bit of dandy prat. He has no regard for people or how they feel, and he doesn't really care for a lot of people. But as John enters his life, he changes. I love a good guy who doesn't know he's good, but ends up being the best, if that made any sense. He's a brilliant character, though he sometimes makes horrendous mistakes. 
But he has a good heart, and he now cares about people. He's just so fun to watch. I mean, when he's "cluing for looks" it's fascinating, and when he's being human, it's extremely touching. 

Just look at that smile. You know you love him. When I first started this TV show, I was slightly weirded out by everything, but as the series continued, I became fiercely attached to the wacky characters. Merlin is so long suffering with Arthur, and in the end they are the best of friends. He changes Arthur as a man and as a king, and Arthur changes him. I think that because of his magic, he's a lot of fun to follow. It gets him into situations that are so hilarious and sometimes extremely dangerous that you can't help but love it. He cares about other people and is willing to endanger himself for others. I think that he has a strong, compassionate personality that is very valuable. And he's  just so darned awkward. Uhg, I miss this show.

I have a soft spot for make-shift father figures in the hero's life. Hub was exactly what Walter needed.
He's so gruff and curmudgeonly, but you really get to see a kind side to him. I love this movie so much that I had to add him to the list. He's also a really cool old man. 
Not to mention,
The bar fight. That was hilarious to see how well Hub handled himself. Overall, he is a wonderful character.

He's just so much fun. He's a greedy, sarcastic, and hardened little dude, but he does have good heart. More than anything, this one is about him just being a blast to watch. I mean, that machine gun scene was epic. And you can't help but feel sorry for the little dude because of his hinted past (being experimented on). He was just plain awesome.

Ta da!! Here he is. I relate to him the most I think. He wants adventure, but he also loves his comfort zone, and it took a little push from Gandalf to realize how much he wanted to go.
And I love how he is so very kind, but also can kill when need be. That is the person that I strive to be, not that I plan on killing people. I swear, Bilbo Baggins is exactly like me.
I mean, just look at that face. That is me.
Anywho, nuff said.

He's just so darned adorable. How can you not love him? As well as being incredibly sweet and sacrificial for a robot, he is completely ridiculous and hilarious without meaning to be.

Wow, the majority of people on here are guys. It's time for another girl.
Gogo Tomago
She is my spirit animal. That is all. I mean, out of all the super-suits that everyone had, I would choose her's. I love her dry wit. Ach, she is epic. And she can drive like a mad woman, like a really awesome mad woman. She's like Hiro's big sister in my mind. 
And I know that's ten, but I have to include just one more. Sorry, can't help myself.

Mother Gothel
Mother Gothel is (in my opinion) one of the best Disney villains ever. There's a quote that always comes to mind when I think of her, "The best way to keep someone in prison is to never let them know they're in one." I mean, not only did she do a brilliant job of keeping Rapunzel up in the tower for a long time, but she also employed the use of one of the most powerful human emotions. Fear. If that's not genius, then I don't know what is. Her plan, while evil and life ruining, was a good plan. The only problem was that Rapunzel had marvelous character development and wasn't afraid anymore. Plus, that musical number of "Mother Knows Best" was awesome. I find myself singing it at random times during the day.

Just look at her. She's so dramatic. I love her character. And she had perfect motivations, a wonderful plan, and killer henchmen, so yeah, I just had to mention her.

Welp, I think that wraps this up. Those are my Top Ten Eleven Favorite Screen Characters. 

I tag Rosie.
I tag Honor.

I don't know enough bloggers. And all the ones that I do know, already tagged me. 

Have fun.