I Slap Floor and Glasses

Okay, so the greatest thing ever happened a couple days ago. There's a Youtube channel that I've mentioned before called Studio C. Well, they uploaded a new video on the Ultron trailer. I clicked on it, settling down to watch another funny skit, when I see a familiar face. A Peter Hollens face. Naturally I freak out. Who wouldn't? It was awesome. I mean, Studio C + Peter Hollens = Best thing ever. That's real math right there. I showed everyone and I was super excited, but my mom doesn't even know who Peter Hollens is. Bethany is the only one beside me who has ever watched his videos and listened to his music.

I haven't listened to Adventures in Odyssey for a long time. It's a crime. Well, I am subscribed to the podcast, but other than that I haven't heard any episodes. In the podcast last week, they mentioned my favorite episode. I Slap Floor. It is hands-down my favorite because I feel that it just really captures AIO so well. You have to know the characters well to get how extremely hilarious it is.
Yesterday I bought that episode on iTunes with a gift card that I've had since I was ten. I listened to it again like...five times today. It is so funny! I love the part where Connie and Eugene profess their love for each other. It's so silly and it would never actually happen that it is hilarious. I quote two lines from it very often. The first being, "Well, you'll all be sorry the next time someone falls off a clocktower!" and then, "Make sure the ax is really sharp!" Both of those lines come from Mr. Whitaker. That is an awesome episode. Though I do wish that they included Wooten, that would have made it five times better.

Yesterday I went shopping with mom and Bethany. Well, they did most of the shopping, I mostly talked and made jokes about outrages pieces of clothing. But I did find something that really caught my fancy. A Wonder Woman tank top. I love it. Luckily I was in need of tank-tops so my mother graciously bought it for me. She buys us stuff that we need, and then let's us pay for the excess. I found a green tank-top that had Harry Potter's glasses on it. I would have gotten it if not for the missing back. It was practically not there. Well, I'm happy with my new tank-top and I'm excited for the next time that it's sunny so I can wear it.

Woah! I finished Camp NaNo. This was pretty easy because my word goal was only 25,000, but I'm still happy with how it went. The story that I wrote was definitely new to me. I've never written just fiction before. It's always been fantasy. I'm glad I decided to branch out a bit because it felt good to not have to worry about creating a consistent world and making sure that every fact was correct and/or realistic. Since this book took place on Earth, I already was pretty comfortable with the surroundings.Well, now I don't really know what to do. Do I start a new book or edit this one? I've been going back and forth between editing and not editing right now and I still haven't decided.

Well, gotta dash.