Camp NaNo

We getting more rabbits tonight. These ones will be only about 6 weeks old so they'll be super tiny and adorable. I'm really excited.
Never mind, Ben and Mom just got back from when they were supposedly going to get the rabbits, but they weren't able to. I guess the guy that was selling on accident put a screwdriver through his hand and had to go to the hospital. By the time that Mum and Ben got to his house, he was still in the hospital. I would think that would be very painful, putting a screwdriver through your hand.

Editing is going brilliantly. I am a couple chapters away from being done with the first round of editing. Now I give it to Bethany for her to read, then I change whatever needs to be changed, then I give it to a different family member. I want to edit it a total of six times. That's my goal.

I am 53 on the waiting list for the eighth season of Doctor Who. I am dying to see it. You have no idea how much it pains me to not be able to watch it for so long!

Yesterday we found out that as a surprise, we're going to Disney World!! And never coming back. We're moving, too. We also got a pet elephant.
Happy April Fools everyone! We've never really done a whole lot for April Fools, other than the typical tissue paper in the shoes and little things like that.

I'm so excited that Camp NaNo is today!! It's my first year of Camp NaNo. This should be great.
My novel idea is perfect and so is the soundtrack that I found to match it. I found the We Bought a Zoo soundtrack. It is so perfect for the story.

With every word I write on here, I am reminded how much I should be writing for Camp NaNo.


  1. I can't believe how gullible I am. I totally fell for your prank! :P

    1. That's okay, I fell for yours on your blog. I figured that it was a joke when it came to a million dollars.
      Haha, at first I was going to write a whole paragraph about us moving, but then I decided just to throw in the pet elephant thing for fun.


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