#Dear Me

Okay, there was this blog that focused on writing prompts and questions to ask for your characters. Cool, right? Not only did I really develop my characters, but I also started asking those questions for myself. I was able to answer them all, except for one. What defines you? That was something that kept me up last night because I couldn't think of an answer. And then I started thinking, what do I value above anything else? I realized that I value intelligence, wit, and an easygoing outlook on life. I think that I find my self worth in whatever intelligence I have. Maybe I can change that. While it's good to value intelligence, I don't think I should be finding my self-worth in it. There are more important things, like friendship and bravery.

I found a song the other day called Into a Fantasy, and I swear, I have listened to it at least ten times in a row. It's part of the Norwegian soundtrack for How to Train Your Dragon 2.  
It is awesome.

I can't believe it's not Spring yet. The sunny days and clear skies are messing with my head. It has been gorgeous.

Update: I am at 57,500 words on my novel. Hip hip hooray!

Last night was weird. I had a dream that I was in my bed, dreaming that I was laughing at a joke, and Bethany rolled over and told me to be quiet. I said I was sorry, but I couldn't stop laughing. I went back to sleep in my dream and that was that. But this morning, I asked Bethany if I was laughing in my sleep, and she said I was. It was like, dream-ception.

There is the #Dear Me thing going around on YouTube, and a ton of Youtubers are participating in it. That got me thinking, what would I say to my younger self? So much. I've learned a lot in this past year. 2014 was a big year of growth for me, so I wouldn't even know where to start. I think #Dear Me is a really cool idea.

Update: I'm at 58,500. I am now about 5/6ths of the way done. I was hoping to have my book be longer, but I guess it won't be.

I'm going to see POTO (Phantom of the Opera) tomorrow. I'm excited. I think it'll be cool to see how closely they follow the book.
Until then,