Chickens and Rabbits

The craziest thing happened the other day. Bethany and I were in the side yard about to play a game of basketball, when Mother and Ben pulled up in the car. We went to go say hi and see where they had gone, but when Ben got out of the car, we heard little peeping noises. There was a box on his lap that Bethany and I looked inside. Chicks. We had gotten six fluffy, tiny, adorable chicks.
Right now Ben is building the chicken coop that they will be transferred to in a couple weeks. They are so cute!

Editing is going brilliantly. I am over halfway done! I want to finish before April so I can focus on my Camp NaNo book. So I really have to crank down and edit with every spare second.

I'm watching Wicked right now for the first time. I've heard most of the songs, but I've never actually seen the entire thing. I finally found it on YouTube today and it is awesome!! I am totally obsessed with it now.

Last night we went to a friend's house and I had my first unofficial piano lesson. I am very glad that we were able to talk piano because I had no idea of most of those things. They hadn't occurred to me. I am excited to experiment with some of the things that I was told.

Mother and Ben are on their way to get two rabbits right now. I'm so excited.