Just Dance-a-thon

Well, today is the Superbowl. I'm not a sports person, but when the Superbowl comes around. I'm all about football. I remember last year's Superbowl (it seems like it was just yesterday). That was an awesome game. I hope the Seahawks crush the Patriots.

Yesterday was such a fun day. It started out really well with a great breakfast. I had a grapefruit and sausage with some carrots, and we also got orange juice as a special treat. It was awesome.
I was super productive even though it was a Sat. I try to always be productive, even on the weekends. I got a lot of brainstorming done for my novel. I've been kind of stuck with a couple details, but I got that cleared up yesterday. Go me!
My piano playing is going well. And I begun to really move along with Gaelic.

After my academics were finished, Bethany and I went on a bike ride. Let me just say, it was cold. Our hands were so cold that for a couple minutes after our bike ride, we couldn't feel them. It was an amazing bike ride. I wrote until dinner time. We had a great dinner of chicken salad, but it's not an orthodox chicken salad. It's an oriental chicken salad with crunched up Ramen noodles and sesame dressing. Then, for no reason, we got ice cream. And not only did we get ice cream, but we got Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. My favorite. We played Monopoly Deal, which is a card game my family is obsessed with. Then I suggested a couple rounds of Just Dance. Everyone was down for it, so we rocked that dance floor (aka carpet). I won three out of five rounds. It was great.

Well, I should go, I think we're about to play Just Dance again. It's like a Just Dance-a-thon. Aww Yisss.


  1. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream flavor! :D

    We too have had Just Dance-a-thon's. I'm an expert at the Let it Go dance. Undefeated (not). So practice your moves, next time we get the chance we're having a dance off. ;)

    1. Yes! Mint Chocolate Chip for life.

      Oh, you dare challenge me? The master? Ok. Sure. Sounds great. :P


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