Island of Shipwrecks

I am typing this from the library. My usual weekday routine has been viciously disrupted. My morning started out with reading a couple chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone to let myself wake up; then I went downstairs and had my breakfast. It was bland at best, a dry fiber muffin that had the consistency - and taste - of sawdust. Lucky me. After that I had my morning devotion and rushed out the door with my mother and brother to drop him off at the bus stop and go on some errands. We blared some music in the car, rocking out and singing completely off tune. Ahh, good times. :) We then dropped off our car at K.C. Martin and walked to the library, where I am now.

All of this information may seem insignificant, but don't worry, I do have a point. I tell you this for one reason. I had a break in routine! I am celebrating that fact tremendously right now. Lately I have been feeling quite cooped up and antsy to get out of the house. Too much routine can be suffocating.
I don't think I've left the house (besides today) in a while. It was refreshing.

Yes! I have been struggling with this one phrase in Gaelic, getting the pronunciation correct, getting all the words in the right order, etc. and last night I was able to recall the correct order and have the right pronunciations and voice inflections at the proper points. I was quite excited since I've been a bit stuck there for a week. Last night mum and I played Zumba. It's like Just Dance, but a bit more work-out oriented. I like it. We also found that we had a game called...uh, I think it's Adventurer? It looks like fun, I haven't played it yet though. I hope to tonight.

As some of you may already know (my whopping two readers), I have in the past few months finished with a series that took five years to finish. It was sad to say the least, but a little bit of a relief to not be waiting on edge for a year to pass so I could get to the next book. In Dec. I re-read one of my favorite books The Unwanteds, and I realized that it had a second and third book to it. I quickly checked those out and read them, happy to continue the series. They were just as good as the first, and I actually bought them, but then, just as I finished the third book, I noticed some small print on the last page. It read, You can find the next installment Island of Shipwrecks on shelves February 3, 2015. My first reaction was that of disbelief. I had to wait two months! My second reaction was, I just got out of waiting for a book only to find myself waiting for another book. It was brutal. Then this month the book came out (seven days ago to be exact) and needless to say, I am very excited. :) Unfortunately, there is a hold list for it, so I haven't read it yet, but I will get it eventually.

Well, I have to go, there's so many books calling my name,