Big Hero 6!!

I just watched Big Hero 6. Uhhuh, you heard what I said. I finally watched the movie that has been on the top of my list since the trailer came out. It was awesome. My favorite characters were Gogo and Tadashi. They were awesome. Anyway, I thought that the villain had good motivation and was overall pretty formidable. The 'Nerd Lab' was awesome, and Fred was hilarious, though quite unhygienic. :)

Remember that new shelf that I got? Well, we put it up in our room, and it was the perfect fit. Seriously, if it had been any bigger, it wouldn't have worked. I am so glad with the way it worked out. I have more room for my books now. I am very satisfied with how it looks, how much space there is, and how I will be getting more books soon. One day I hope to graduate from shelves to a giant underground library. That is my hope.

I'm still super excited that I saw Big Hero 6. It was so good.

I'm a bit stuck on my writing. It's just one problem that I'm having to work out, and it's hard, but hey, it all comes with the territory, right?

Well, I can finally say that I have watched a movie in French (obviously I had to have subtitles). It was called the Intouchables. I think I mentioned it a couple blog posts ago, but I finally got around to watching it. It was good. I liked it because it was a true story. It was about an ex-con who got stuck helping a paralyzed man with everyday tasks as his caretaker. They form an unlikely friendship and experience life together. I liked it very much. Unfortunately it was R for language, so I wouldn't recommend it as a family movie, but it was extremely touching.

Anywho, I have to get back to school work. I'm writing an essay on Hitler.


  1. Oooo, an essay on Hitler. Interesting. It's kind of shocking to realize he was a normal guy. At times that is. I mean, deep down it makes sense that he didn't think evil thoughts every second. But it's just stunning to realize that anyone could be evil deep down. That just fascinates me, and he is a great example of how evil hides in plain sight. Let me know what cool tidbits you dig up on him.

    1. Yeah, what I'm doing is instead of focusing on the Hitler that everyone knows, I decided to go for his childhood, what made him like that. So far, I pity him more than anything. He was so lost. It's sad. It really makes it more scary to realize that he wasn't just a monster, he was a man.


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