Remodeling and Tuna Fish

Well, it's another day in 2015. My second day actually. And it rained, but before that it snowed, so we're all good.
Playing the piano has kind of been going slow because of my alien virus disease (it is getting better). I just hope that soon I am free of this disease.

I am so excited! My writing is going great!! Ach, I'm so excited that I am writing this!! Also, sidenote: the amount of tea and coffee that I have consumed during this exploit is...astounding. I'm sorry, mom and dad, for the tea bill, and thank you to whoever made chai tea! You saved my life.

I've been rereading my favorite series (Percy Jackson), and I am still in awe of Rick Riordan's books five years after I read it for the first time. Man alive, it's so good! But I've also realized that the sequel series (Heroes of Olympus) is more....mature, I guess. It's like he realized that his target age group grew up. I mean, it's been ten years since the first Percy Jackson book came out, and obviously a twelve year old who read it then is going to be older. Unless they have a TARDIS or a time-turner, they're twenty-two. I would like to meet those devoted twenty-two year-olds, whoever they are.
Also, The Kane Chronicles are awesome. Check 'em out! In fact, check out all of the books mentioned in this last paragraph. Yeah.

We're remodeling our room! There it is. We're repainting, getting a new bed, and getting a new dresser. We are getting rid of our bunk-bed. Instead of two beds in our room, we are going to get one queen sized bed; then, we're going to redecorate the room, too. We've already started the process, and we have the queen mattress in the garage now. I'm really excited.
We've had to go through all of our stuff, and it's amazing how many random and useless things one can find in the depths of their room. Truly amazing.

I have to make dinner tonight. Tuna fish sandwiches. It's actually one of my favorite dinners. Who knew?



  1. That's so cool that you're re-doing your room! There's something so fun about getting new furniture, and re organizing and moving furniture and things. :)

    1. There definitely is. It's a little overwhelming, but a lot of fun.


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