Friday, January 30, 2015

A Thousand Words

Lately I've really been into Lindsey Sterling's and Taylor Davis' music. I don't quite know why, but that's all I've been listening to (beside's the Narnia soundtrack). My favorite of Lindsey's is "Master of the Tides", and my favorite of Taylor's is "Awakening".
I've also been watching a lot of Lindsey's vlogs and stuff. They're pretty funny, and she seems like a lot of fun.

Combining the left hand and the right hand of the Downton Abbey theme is harder than I thought, and I am kind of going slow, but that's okay for now. I do want to get faster in learning my songs soon. It would also be really cool to start trying to compose songs. That would be amazing. I might just look into it. Wish me luck. :)

Yesterday I wrote a thousand words. That was a big step towards getting back into the NaNoWriMo mentality of having a deadline. It's a lot easier for me to write with a deadline than without. That may seem weird, but my mind seems to work faster when I know that I have a cutoff date, but part of that may have been that I was feeling competitive, and I wanted to stay ahead of these two people.
I might enforce a deadline on myself.  Yes.

It's a really nice day. I might go for a bike ride. That would be fun if someone was willing to go with me. Goodness knows I need to stretch out my shriveled little calves.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dark Horse

So far I really like Scrivener. I might just buy it. I'll give it more time since I have 29 days left. :)

I just finished Lesson 7 on Gaelic. I may be going a bit slow, but I want to make sure that I have all of the words and sentences concreted in my mind.

Okay, as many of you know, Taylor Swift came out with the insanely popular album 1989. It's pretty catchy to be honest. I was browsing the YouTube and found a Peter Hollens video that I hadn't seen. It was Dark Horse with Sam Tsui. I looked through the videos on the side bar and found a video that looked interesting. It was a 1989 Mashup. Well, I now have it stuck in my head and I've been humming it all day. Whoops. :)

Writing is awesome. I have 33,000 words, and I'm only halfway done. I am really excited. After I finish this book, I want to focus completely on editing the three books that I will have completed. Then I want to look into publishing them if I can. It's now or never. I'm not going to be young forever.

I have a really bad habit of getting caught up in other things. Like...Pinterest, YouTube, writing, and piano. All when I should be doing my Gaelic, math, chores, and other things that are not as fun. Except Gaelic is fun. Seriously though, how you say "A warm day" is literally Lath Blath (la bla). It's great. I find I write best when I'm supposed to be doing something else. It's a bad thing, but what can I do about it?

I should write some more. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life-size Is Creepy

My mother and I went to Pike Place Market. Needless to say it was a lot of fun. I have been many times, but every time my focus changes. It seems like the sights, sounds, smells, people, and colors are the same, but I notice different things each new time I go. Like, this time I was more focused on the colors and the people than anything else.
I also saw something that was awesome. It was a life size Sherlock Holmes, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Dean Winchester, and Sam Winchester.
They also had a life size Thor, Captain America, Peter Quill, and Rocket. It was cool, but I wouldn't buy one for two reasons.
1). Can you imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see some life-size, trench-coated dude standing in the middle of your room. Can you say, creepy?
2). That's cool for some people, but for me...a life-size cardboard cutout of a fictional character? I don't know, I think that's a little too obsessed, but each to their own. Goodness knows that I've done things that are borderline insane. Who am I kidding? They weren't borderline. They were all the way insane, but all the best people are. :)

I'm really excited for this book that I got. I found it when I was nine, and it is just as good. I think I've read it at least eight times. I've practically memorized it. It is a great book. It's called Dragonspell. I'm excited to re-read it.

I decided to download the free trial of Scrivener. I've never really needed something like it before, but if it does have something that I can't write without then I'll buy it. Maybe. I'm hoping that it doesn't have something that I can't write without because then that would mean that I would have to buy it, and I hate spending money. Doesn't everyone?

I've been thinking about getting a job, but I don't know what I would do. I couldn't get an official job because I'm younger than 16. Maybe I can work for a neighbor, but no weeding. I am finished with weeding. *shudder*

I just finished downloading Scrivener. It looks useful so far. I will explore it more and give updates.
Until then,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Captain Cold and Heatwave

I would like to start out with saying, IT WAS SO WEIRD!!!! You all probably have no idea what I'm talking about. I'll start from the beginning. I started The Flash before I started Prison Break. When I saw the first episode of Prison Break, the main character looked really familier, but I couldn't place him. Then, I watched the latest episode of The Flash and Warning: Spoilers from The Flash, episode 10. 
 He was the villain. Captain Cold. I was surprised to say the least, but even more surprising was the fact that his partner Heatwave was also in Prison Break. He was the main character's (Michael's) brother. It was really weird to see them in those roles. It almost made it comical to see it like that. I had grown so used to Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Michael and Lincoln that I couldn't see them as any other character. It made it seem like they were acting.  Like I said, it was really weird.

My days have been oddly routine. Normally they have at least something out of the ordinary. Though my mom and I are going to Pike Place Market tomorrow, so that should be a nice break from the routine. Is it weird how I like routine, but then after three days of it, I get really uncomfortable and want a break of routine?  I doubt I'm the only one.

I'm a bit stuck with my writing. It has slidden back into my old issue. I have the beginning and ending, but no idea for the middle. Well...middle-ish. I know what needs to happen, I just don't know how to make it happen. I'll have to brainstorm.
I know that a lot of people say that it's good to plan and plot, and I do see the value, but I also think that the story can seem less planned and mechanical when you let it develop on it's own.

I went in the woods yesterday and purposely got lost. I kind of just randomly went in a direction and didn't pay attention to anything. It was really hard to get lost because I've explored those woods every summer. In the end, I was able to not know where I was and have to find my way back. It was fun.
I also played Just Dance with my sister, and I can't dance. That's it. I look like a fish out of water. :)

I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series for two reasons.
1). I feel like when I first read them, I was reading them purely for entertainment. Now I want to read them as a writer, analyzing why they are so popular and the writing style.
2). Because I have nothing else to read.
It's kind of cool seeing little Harry again. I got very used to the older one because that's what the last book ended on, but it's cool to see how...simple? No, that's not the word. Straight-forward and kinder. That's it. Anyway, I was up pretty late (oops) re-reading.

That's it for today,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prison Break(ing my heart)

I found this one song that I just am in love with, Narnian Lullaby  Listen to it!
I have recently become obsessed with the entire Narnia soundtrack. It fits really well with the mood of my novel that I'm currently writing. Some of my favorites are "Only the Beginning of the Adventure", "To Aslan's Camp", and "The Battle Song". Ach, they're so good! I actually added them to the lineup of songs on my blog.

I'm re-watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I really like this movie. It is so funny and has a nostalgic feel to it. I remember the first time I watched it. It was my favorite movie for a while.

We also finished a TV show called Prison Break. It was pretty cheesy there at the end, but it still ripped my heart out. So...thanks. I needed another reminder that I get too invested in works of fiction, and that they have the capability to make me very, very sad, but on a happier note, my mother is becoming a fangirl! She cried at the end and has been known to yell at the TV in times of fictional peril. It's really funny to watch. She has also started to randomly mention it during the day. It's great.
I will miss that show, Prison Break (more like Prison Breaking My Heart).

I started a new piano song (I finished "I See Fire"). I decided upon the Downton Abbey theme song. So far it's taking me a bit more than I realized to get the left hand and right hand synchronized.

My writing is going awesomely. For the longest time this novel seemed so far away, but now that I'm actually writing's awesome. This has to be my favorite one so far (am I allowed as a pre-published author to have favorites?). I still can't believe the way my writing has changed since the very beginning. Since then, I have written two full novels. Ahh!! I never thought I would get this far. I have come a long way from cheesy and badly written short stories. I really never thought that I would be able to read a novel that I wrote and be kinda proud of it. Sorry, just having a little freak out.

Our room is almost finished, and may I just say, it looks great. It's so different (I guess that was kind of the point).
Well, math is calling my name. I must answer it's treacherous call. Wish me luck in my navigation of the Algebraic land. :P

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Milkin' It

My Gaelic has been going pretty slow. I'm still only on Lesson 7. I just didn't have anyone to practice with, but I made some flashcards last night, and I am already remembering a whole lot more!
I'm almost done with I See Fire, too.

On a sadder note, I have run out of books. I must go to the library soon. My bookshelf is also breaking from the weight of all the books I have on it. That's not good. I need a new one!

Aww yiss!! The Flash is on tonight! I'll have to wait until tomorrow to be bale to watch it because we don't have the CW channel (or whatever it is), but I'm still super excited. And tomorrow Arrow comes back on!! Oh my word, that cliffhanger was...intense.

It feels weird thinking that it's 2015. I mean, remember when the world was going to end in 2012? Ah...good times. I've started to realize that if I don't start earning money and planning to go on these trips now, then I'm never going to get it done. My plan is to earn enough money by the time I'm twenty to go on a trip to Europe with my sis. Of course, she would pay for her own stuff. I know that may seem irrational and impossible, but hey, I'm all about dreaming for the irrational and impossible.

My writing is going well. I'm currently writing Chapter 13.

Bethany and I are on the last episode of Sherlock. It's perfect timing.
Another favorite show of mine called Prison Break is only one episode away from being finished. Forever. Ahh!!! Why?! Why must all the good shows end? Well, I guess it really is smart to end on a strong note and not go to the point.
Speaking of which, I don't want to milk this post too long. :)

P.S. Why do we say "Don't milk it." as a phrase to warn against going too long or drawing something out? It's actually really weird the more you think about it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Light 'Em Up and 200

Hmm, the last two days have been really normal (wow, I never thought I'd be able to say that). I've taken a small break from Gaelic, but I do plan on picking it back up soon, like, in a week.
I added some new songs because the other ones were getting a little old for me. The song "Battle Scars" is the latest song that I bought. I found it on YouTube.

Bethany and I are going to watch some Sherlock. Yeah!!!

One and a half episodes later.....

Ahh, Sherlock is such a great show. Uhg, why must we wait until 2016.

On a really happy note, I got out of my case of writer's block. I've been kind of slow for the past couple of days. I just haven't been as...excited to write, I guess you could call it. Well, I sat down, and I told myself to snap out of it. I wasn't going to have a mid-life crisis at thirteen. That's pathetic. I was able to write half a chapter! That's good considering I was feeling so pathetic.

Am I the only one who is absolutely obsessed with "My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark"
(aka Light 'Em Up)? I have listened to it at least five times in a row.

I checked out an old favorite series of mine. It's called The Land of Elyon.  I read it with my mom when I was about...nine. It was so good back then, and I thought it was super advanced for my age (it was). I thought I was so cool for reading it. *shakes head at silly little nine year old* I was an odd one. Granted, I still am, but I was more so back then.
Anyway, back to my point. I re-checked them out and read them. I was surprised to say the least. The description to dialogue ratio was superb, but the writing was...empty? Emotionless. You couldn't connect with it. It's funny how I notice these things now.

Wow, this is my 200th post! I don't feel like I've been doing this for that long, but I guess I have. :)

Aww yiss! Dinner is ready. And it's pizza!! Haha, this day just keeps getting awesomer and awesomer (that's not even a word).


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Boiling Tea?

I've started my writing class. It's weird, but so far not too restricted. I have to read a book (non-fiction) and either write an expository paper, a persuasive paper, a narrative paper, or a descriptive paper. I chose to do an expository on "The Voyage of Christopher Columbus". It was written in 1952. I finished the paper last night and now have to edit it today. We started a writing curriculum a while ago, then stopped when my mother realized that it was too advanced for 9 yr old me. I still remember most of it, like the basics of how to write the four types of essays, but I hope to go deeper into the specifics this time.

I got a new book idea last night. Okay, when I say book idea, I mean something that developed itself in my head and has promise (I think). I'm kind of excited about it, but it is at the bottom of my list of books to write. I think by the time I get to the bottom of that list, I'll be...eighteen. That's five years to write nine books. Not including editing.

Last night Bethany and I watched two episodes of Sherlock. A Scandal in Belgravia and The Hound of Baskerville. My brother joined us for The Hound. He brought with him an offering (for what I have no idea), an offering of deliciousness and life itself. Nutella. It was awesome. I realized that the next episode (which we'll probably watch today) is The Reichenbach Fall.

Okay, something really odd has been happening for the past three days. Math has been going well! I know, weird, right? Normally I get so frustrated at myself for not being able to complete the problem or for some other silly reason that I get really worked up, and then it takes super long for me to finish my math. But for the past three days it's been going smoothly! Yay!

Crud. I just spilled my tea everywhere. Um....whoops. And it is really hot. It's all over my pajamas. Gotta go.

P.S. Wow! This tea is really hot. It had just stopped boiling.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Book Themes and Nerdy T-shirts

Yes! Three episodes in three days (I could do more but we've been pretty busy.). I'm glad that Bethany is enjoying Sherlock. We just finished "The Great Game". I had forgotten the cliffhanger that it leaves you at. It's pretty intense. Well, not as intense as other things later on, but hey, it's still pretty intense. :)

I've heard a lot about a book called Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25, and yesterday I finally got to reading it. It had an interesting plot, but I found the characters to be...shallow. The dialogue was good, a bit dry at times, but good, and I didn't quite like the lack of description. For some books it works, but I don't think it did for this one. It was an interesting book, but not my favorite.

Oddly enough, I want to read Twilight. I'm not a fan of the whole love triangle...teenage romance thing, but it's a very popular book, whether that be a bad thing or a good thing. I don't want to judge it without reading it, and I have heard that the writing is really good. I don't know if I actually will. Probably not. :)

I'm going to continue the book theme of this post, and talk about a book that is very near and dear to my heart. Well, it's a series actually, but nonetheless. It's called The Dragon Keeper series. It's a really silly series. The first book is "The Dragon in the Sock-drawer." The next book is "The Dragon in the Driveway." and so on. You get the idea. I think the age target is...8-10. And I found it when I was ten, so it's okay, but then the third book was published, and I was eleven by then. I was already out of the age range. Now the fifth book was just published, and I finished it a couple hours ago. They really are silly books, but I still love 'em.

Yesterday Bethany gave me an old journal thing of her's that has really funky paper in it. She didn't have the heart to throw it out because it looked cool, so I got it. Today I finished putting my random ticket stubs, notes, and pictures in it. I now have a scrapbook! It may seem like a very insignificant thing for someone to have, but all of my life I have been very sentimental (not so much lately). And with that sentimental personality comes the ticket stubs, notes, and random pictures that I don't have the heart to throw away. My life becomes cluttered by said items, and I don't know what to do with them. Well now I do! I can just scrapbook 'em! So yes, very monumental.

Oh! I got a Ravenclaw t-shirt today!!! I ordered it a couple of weeks ago with my Christmas money. It fits perfectly, and I love it!! That makes a total of...four nerdy t-shirts. My collection is becoming complete. I just need a DW t-shirt and I'll be good. :)

Well, it's time for dinner.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Painting and Spilling

Yes!! My life just seems so much more complete now. It all makes sense. I got Bethany hooked on Sherlock!! Yes! I'm super excited. Last night we watched the first episode on the laptop on our bed. Mom made some food for herself and asked anyone else if they wanted any, Bethany and I said yes, but when we got the food, Bethany spilled it all over the bed and got crumbs everywhere. We were watching Sherlock with all of the lights turned off, our snacks on our laps, when I hear a "No! Ohhh." We had to get the vacuum and clean it all up. I had fun watching Sherlock with her.

Today we start painting the room. It's going to be a big project, but I know that the end will be worth it all. I hope that everything turns out well.

I think today is going to be a really short post. Mom just got back from shopping, and I need to help her, then we get to paint! I am excited to get the room done.

Well, I guess that's it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teddy Bears and TV Shows

Last night was my first night sleeping in my new bed. It was very comfortable. All of my life I have been on the top bunk, so I'm used to sleeping close to the ceiling, but this new bed is closer to the ground, and it feels really weird. We also don't have a headboard, so I have to be careful of my pillows falling off in the middle of the night.
Bethany and I were up pretty late last night talking. She is really a lot of fun to hang out with. I am so lucky to have her as my sister.

Today looks like it will be a really nice day. The sun was shining on the freshly fallen raindrops that were hanging from tree boughs like little diamonds. It was a great morning.

I've started the 30 day squat challenge with Bethany. So far it's really easy, but it's supposed to get harder as we go on.
My math is going really well. I normally struggle with it immensely, but today it has gone smoothly.

I didn't watch the last two episodes of Agents of Shield, because it was kind of at the bottom of the list of shows to catch up on. Well, last night I had some extra time, and I watched them. Oh my gosh, I am excited for them to start back up.

Even though it's not Christmas, I'm listening to "Carol of the Bells" by The PianoGuys.
Am I the only one who listens to music pretty much 24/7? I know that it is a national crisis when I can't find my iPod. I've had this iPod for four years, and it has served me very well.
Also, a goal of mine is to eventually be able to play "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" by Elvis, rendition by The PianoGuys. I heard it for the first time when I was browsing their Youtube channel. It is now my ultimate goal for piano.
Right now I'm learning "I See Fire", which is going really well. I'm really happy with the progress I've made.
I remember that my mom wanted me to learn piano when I was younger. She forced me to take lessons from my sister who was taking professional lessons. I hated it with all of my heart. Finally, my mother gave up and let me be, but then six years later, I pick it back up on my own. Maybe those "lessons" really did pay off.

Yesterday I got my first teddy bear. I've never had one before. I've had a stuffed dalmatian since I was four, but never a teddy bear. I'm kind of excited. I mean, it's my first one! Some people may think that I am too old for stuffed animals, but you know what? I don't care.

I started a writing class of sorts with my mother. It's for me to learn how to formulate a proper essay. I'm not too worried about it, but I am a bit nervous because writing non-fiction is not my forte. I'm okay at it, I guess, but I am a lot more comfortable with fiction. We'll see how it goes.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Why Wait?

OH MY GOSH!!!! I am so excited. I got my first manuscript printed. It feels weird holding my tangible words. And there's a lot of them too. My family will be reading it shortly. :)
I am kind of nervous for them to read it. I don't want them to be disappointed.

Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. We have been really busy with the remodeling of our room. It's going a bit slow now that we need to go get the paint for the walls, so I was able to sit down and get a post written. :)

I did something different this time with my book that I've never done before. I wrote out a basic plot-line. It felt weird because I normally wing it and have the plot all in my head. I'm glad I did though; so far it really has helped. It gave me a little more direction, I guess.

I am patiently waiting for January 20th and January 21st (that's when The Flash and Arrow come back on). I am also waiting for Doctor Who the 8th season to come to Netflix, and then I'm waiting for 2016. Yeah. There's the kick in the face from Sherlock. I'm going to be fourteen when it comes back on, and that might only be the UK air date! I don't know!
Why should I wait? I say we get those episodes NOW! I say we go back to the Evil Lair, grab some ray guns, and just go all gangsta style!

It's a nice, rainy day today. Last night the wind was so loud! I could hear a couple claps of thunder scattered here and there. The rain also came in short bouts. It was kind of weird.

Well, writing awaits. I must go, plot, WIN!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Remodeling and Tuna Fish

Well, it's another day in 2015. My second day actually. And it rained, but before that it snowed, so we're all good.
Playing the piano has kind of been going slow because of my alien virus disease (it is getting better). I just hope that soon I am free of this disease.

I am so excited! My writing is going great!! Ach, I'm so excited that I am writing this!! Also, sidenote: the amount of tea and coffee that I have consumed during this exploit is...astounding. I'm sorry, mom and dad, for the tea bill, and thank you to whoever made chai tea! You saved my life.

I've been rereading my favorite series (Percy Jackson), and I am still in awe of Rick Riordan's books five years after I read it for the first time. Man alive, it's so good! But I've also realized that the sequel series (Heroes of Olympus) is more....mature, I guess. It's like he realized that his target age group grew up. I mean, it's been ten years since the first Percy Jackson book came out, and obviously a twelve year old who read it then is going to be older. Unless they have a TARDIS or a time-turner, they're twenty-two. I would like to meet those devoted twenty-two year-olds, whoever they are.
Also, The Kane Chronicles are awesome. Check 'em out! In fact, check out all of the books mentioned in this last paragraph. Yeah.

We're remodeling our room! There it is. We're repainting, getting a new bed, and getting a new dresser. We are getting rid of our bunk-bed. Instead of two beds in our room, we are going to get one queen sized bed; then, we're going to redecorate the room, too. We've already started the process, and we have the queen mattress in the garage now. I'm really excited.
We've had to go through all of our stuff, and it's amazing how many random and useless things one can find in the depths of their room. Truly amazing.

I have to make dinner tonight. Tuna fish sandwiches. It's actually one of my favorite dinners. Who knew?