J.K.'s Broken Record.

As you may have noticed, I changed the background of my blog. I thought I would try to get even deeper into the snowy, holiday spirit. And I need some snow in my life now that the REAL stuff has melted. :(

NOOOO!!!! Someone just broke JK Rowling's record of 450 million books sold. Zoella has sold...more, I guess. That's good for Zoella, but bad for us nerds. A teen drama/romance has beaten  good ol' wizards and magic. That's too bad. But great for the writer of that book Girl Online. I haven't read it, so I won't judge it harshly or anything, but I still think it's a little sad that teenagers are more interested in romance and that stuff that imagination and fantasy. But  that's just me. :)

On a better note, I am editing Chapter 17 of my NaNoWriMo novel. I'm over halfway done!! :)
Hopefully, I'll be able to get my copies by Christmas.

I'm a little sad that time is going by so fast. But at the same time I'm excited for Christmas.

My mom made ants-on-a-log. You know, the celery filled with peanut butter and raisins? I haven't had it in ages, and it's so good! She's also making baked potatoes topped with steamed broccoli and bacon! Mmm, it's awesome.

My math is going okay, but it's not my cup of tea. I have 350 topics left to learn out of 602, just in case anyone was wondering. :) Ach, it's taking forever.

Planet Earth Forever on the piano is going well. I was a bit stuck at one point, but I got it all cleared up. I hope to have mastered it completely by Christmas.
Lately, I've also kinda been wanting to learn the violin, but that might just be a whim that will pass in a couple weeks.

I'm really happy with the way that my life is going right now. :) I'm just overall in a happy mood.
Anywho. That's it for today, folks.