Battle Entry #2

Battle Journal Entry #2
Day 6
War of the Words
I am pressing on. I do not think that without my trusty comrades Sargent Tea and Admiral iPod I would have made it. I am ahead of schedule. The war is going very well. Moral is high.
The weather has been perfect, ideal conditions. My equipment is outdated and slow. I must search for better artillery. I believe that I can win this war. Wish me luck.

Random: I started a new blog. It's for all my stories and stuff. It's private so don't try finding it. I got really inspired by another friends blog. It was a really good idea. That's why my post today is going to be super short. I have a lot of other stuff to do today, and it's my Dad's birthday. We're making a special dinner for him, corned beef (never eaten it before), roasted vegetables, and for dessert, pie and ice cream. Then we're going to watch The Breakfast Club. It's one of his favorite movies.

Anyway, I really better go write some more.