Lesson 4

I have no idea what I'm doing (then again, that's true for most of the time), but this time especially.
I am in the middle of writing my novel, and I need a prophecy. It's hard to come up with prophecys, at least for me.
So far I'm doing...okay, but I am kinda stuck.

Well, I just finished Lesson 4 of Scottish Gaelic! To some of you out there, I might be going super slow, but I just want the lessons to be cement in my mind and an automatic response. If that makes any sense.
                                                       ********The next day**********
So I finished the prophecy, I'm pretty happy with it. ;)

So I downloaded a ton of songs and other stuff onto my Ipod, and then I found out that all the downloading shtuff had failed. I get to re-do it all! Yay.

Um, I'm going to go play a game with ma sis,


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