Well, today I went to Wildwaves...again, but this time it was with one of my sister's friends, so I felt like a third wheel. Sort of. My sis had made it clear to me that it was okay to jump in whenever, and I really appreciated that, but I still didn't know what to say to this new person Rebecca. Anywho, I felt really short today in the wave pool. Bethany and Rebecca were standing tall as giants above me, flipping their non-soaked, gorgeous hair. And I was below them, wave after wave cascading over my head, then sweeping away to reveal a spluttering creature with hair wetly plastered to her face. :)
No, it wasn't that bad. It was actually a lot of fun, and Rebecca was surprisingly easy to talk to.

We went on all the dry rides and discovered some ones that we hadn't found before.
After we did all the dry rides, we started heading back to the car, but we got distracted by the wave pool and waded up to our knees. It felt so good that we changed into our swimming suits and decided to go back to the wave pool. Ahhh, sweet, freezing shock of water. I love it.
The cure for anything is saltwater, whether it be tears, sweat, or the sea. And chlorinated water is a close second. So I dove in and swam around. It was really nice.
I hope I can go to the beach soon. I want real saltwater. Man, I miss swimming already.

Today we were going to go blueberry picking, but we found out that they are closed on Mondays. We're going to try again on Wed.

Right now I'm re-listening to the tribute to Dave Madden and his life. And I'm getting teary eyed. I feel silly because it's someone I never knew, but at the same time Adventures in Odyssey was...is a huge part of my life and Bernard Walton was just as much a part of all those nights listening to AIO.
When we were at Wildwaves, there was an Extreme Raptors show thingie. And guess what??!! Hedwig was there. They owned the owl that played Hedwig in Harry Potter. That was cool. I thought the poor owl would be dead by now, but I guess not.

I'm really sad about Robin Williams, I think he contributed something to all ages. Like my dad grew up with Mork and Mindy, I grew up with Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, and all those great movies. Well, I'm not grown up yet, but you get my point.
I got hardly any sleep last night, I am yawning my head off right now. And starting to...fall...asleep...*snork*.
Um, yes, I'm still here.
Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh that's right, blueberries. Wait...that doesn't sound right. Whatever.
So we went blueberry picking today. I love blueberries. It was really nice being able to just eat and walk along in the sunshine while listening to an Adventure in Odyssey.
I should go make dinner. We're leaving somewhere pretty soon, and I have to have dinner ready.