Paperback and Weekends

Squee!! I just ordered Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now I only have two books to go until I have a full set. And no, I didn't get all hardback. Paperback is the cheapest and I have A LOT of other books I want to buy.
So unfortunately, the hardbacks will have to wait, but I'm still excited. My bookshelf is completely full! Hmm, now I'll need more book space somewhere. I'll have to get another small shelf or something.
The only books I have left to buy are
Cyndere's Midnight
Bk 6 and 7 of HP
The entire series of Dreamhouse Kings
and the entire series of The Sisters Grimm.
So once I find myself another job (I gave up my weeding job), I can buy the rest.

My sister just made popcorn. What we like to do is add Parmesan cheese and garlic to it along with coconut oil and salt. It is delicious! I really like popcorn, but not the popcorn you buy at movie theaters, that stuff is WAY too salty and buttery and bluh. At least the movie theaters I've been to.

Mom and Dad just got back from their weekend anniversary trip. Ben was gone on a camping trip over the weekend as well. That means that Bethany and I had the house all to ourselves for three days and two nights. Can I just say that I had SO much fun!! We found out that we are a great team, we are so funny together, and I have a confession to make. I actually didn't write the entire weekend, and I've been trying to make a habit of writing everyday one way or another. But these past three days I've been having too much fun to stop.
We had loud music and crazy dancing, and just overall it was a blast!

Well, I'm going to go catch up on the rest of my family's weekend.