Bonfire and 12:00pm

Yesterday we had family friends over for the entire day. It was a lot of fun. They are missionaries to India and we haven't seen them for a while. They came over around 12:30 and left around 11:45.
It was a tiring, but really fun day.
We played games, had a bonfire, roasted marshmallows and laughed our heads off.
Bethany fell asleep on the couch after they left, and she stayed there until 5 in the morning.
I fell asleep pretty quickly, and I woke up at 8 got a drink, then went back to bed.
Then the next thing I know, I'm awake, it's raining, and it's 12:00. No joke. This is the first time I have ever slept in that late.
Wow. I must have been tired.

Anyway, I've been having some trouble with the piano piece that I'm learning. Uhg.

I should be writing right now. I really should be.
But I also want to write a blog post. Gah, first world problems.
.....I decided to go write.