Mum's Birthday

Well, these past couple days have been a blast!
First off, we went kayaking on the 11th. The water was so clear and gorgeous! We went to Silver lake to try it out. There were a ton of people, but once we got out to the middle, we were the only ones around. It was such a hot day that Bethany and I hopped out of our kayaks into the water. At first it was freezing-the immediate shock of cold adding to the intensity of the temperature-but then I got used to it, and it was fine. We swam around the lake for a while then got back into the kayak. I hate leaving the water.
We drove to Costco, did some shopping, and split a berry sundae.

Yesterday (the 12th) was my momma's birthday. We went down to the Machias river and floated it inter-tube style. It was a 3 hour ride. Bethany, Ben and Dad flipped a couple times, but other than that no-one got hurt! :)
After we got to the end of the river part that was safe, we went to Whole-Foods and got some ice cream bars as a treat for Momma! I got mint chocolate chip. It's my favorite.

Right now I'm mastering the bridge of "Let it Go". It's gonna take a ton of practice.

Wow, I am tired.

I got nuthin' else to say.