Wow, I am tired. Because of the heat. See, it's been so hot at night lately, that I can't get to sleep until it's really late. At least I've been able to stay upright and stay awake during the day. :)

Yesterday we went to the beach with some friends. I had a lot of fun.
I always forget how cold the ocean is, but I love it anyway. I love the water, I don't really know why.
I normally just wade up to my calf if it's really cold, but this time (I'm so proud of me) I went all the way up to my neck. After a while I got used to it (or maybe I just went numb), and then I didn't want to leave it. But when I did, I soaked my shirt and hat in the saltwater and wore those so I could stay cool.

I got The Prisoner of Azakaban yesterday. After the beach we swung by the library and it was there, just waiting on the shelf for me! Needless to say I read it last night, and I am now working on The Goblet of Fire.
The movies are fairly close. The Potterheads have nothing to complain about...mostly. I mean, there are so many books that have been butchered movie-wise. Like Percy Jackson and the Olympians, oh...don't even get me started on the movies...

I think the book is calling me, well, I better listen.



  1. Hey Evangeline.
    I'm wondering how I can follow your blog. I can't seem to find that button. I really enjoy your blog. =D

  2. Those darn PJO movies!! They missed such a great cinematic opportunity . . .

    1. I know! I just saw this comment and it was from a while ago. Thought I'd say hi. Hi!


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