I have found out that my lovely sister reads my posts. Well, she already knows I'm a goofball so that's okay. She said that she finds them entertaining. Hmm, I wonder if other people do too. Right now she's off babysitting. I wish I could babysit, but #1 I'm only 12 and I doubt that people would feel comfortable with me watching their kids. #2 There is only one family in our neighborhood that have kids young enough to be babysat, and Bethany already is babysitting for that family.

Well, lunch today consists of chicken noodle soup, peaches, and...water.

Ever since I started actually working out, and cutting needless carbs out of my diet, I have been feeling a lot more energetic. Yay!

Yesterday I wrote one and a half chapters. I normally write just half of a chapter, but yesterday I was one FIRE (not literally, then that would have been bad)!!
Anyway, I feel pretty good about that.

Anywho, today is such a gorgeous day. I think I'll go on a walk to pick up some new iron-sights for my pellet gun (previous post).