Panda Express

Wow, last 3 days = whirlwind.
Okay, on Friday my dad took me to a Mariners game. It was a lot of fun, normally we wouldn't go, but the company he works for has season passes and they give the tickets to their employees for getting a lot of work done and stuff like that. So we went! We got hot dogs (which cost an arm and a leg), and afterwards we went to Panda Express.

Then on Sat. we were having a huge dinner with my grandparents for fathers day. So it took all day to get the food ready and then clean up. The dinner was delicious, and the company was awesome!

Then yesterday (Sun.), we woke up and ate a really yummy breakfast. Then went on a hike to Mt. Si. It was a pretty fun hike, but hard to do with a sprained ankle. There was a lot of inside jokes with my brother that are hilarious, and we were cracking up over.  Nobody else in the car got them. But it was funny.

Well, tonight there is a Court of Honor for my brothers boy-scout troop. And there is a buffet there, full of FOOD!!!!! Yummm. I have to go get ready to leave, we are supposed to wear nice clothes. That is like...1% of my wardrobe. Uhg...