Hey guys, today I got up at 6:28 and got everything down before 10:00. So the rest of the day was free for me to write, play piano, and work on my mini-house. Yay!!

I am continuing Let it Go on piano, and I am almost finished with mastering the chorus. It feels great!

It's such a sunny day! But unfortunately it is supposed to rain later on in the week. Speaking of later on in the week. My dad is taking me to a Mariners game!! He gets company bonus tickets. I can't wait...

The other day I broke my glasses, so we went in to get them fixed, and guess what, I had to get completely new ones. Since they discontinued the frames that I originally had, I got to pick out new ones. My new ones are black and teal, and a little checkered pattern on the side.We are going to a restaurant in downtown Seattle with my dad for an early Fathers day. On the actual day of Fathers day, we are having a turkey dinner (my dad's favorite) and my grandparents are going to come over.

Well, I better go. I have a very full plate today! :)