Something awesome happened to me today. Ben and Mom were headed out the door when they both turned to me and asked if I wanted to go with them to get ice cream. Of course I said yes, I mean, it's ice cream!!! So we went to an ice cream place and got the deliciousness. I got an amazing flavor called Mint Chocolate Chip (my favorite). After that, Ben (being the new driver that he is) took the wrong turn and started down the road that took us away from going home. Mom was patient and said "Just turn here, then you can turn around." So we went into that parking lot. It turned out that was the parking lot for the movie theater! And guess what happened next. That's right, Ben went to check what movies were playing because he and a friend were watching a movie later, and Ben wanted to know if something was out of theaters yet.
I walked up to the counter with him, and he started talking to the clerk...helper, what-ever-you-call-em.
I kinda zoned out and started thinking about my book, but then as if a light pierced through the thick fog, I heard 3 words. Tickets. For. Maleficent. And light shined down, and it started to rain rainbows and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was surprising me with seeing Maleficent (the movie I've been really wanting to see). When we got home, he told me he had been planning this for a week. That was pretty cool.