The Last Day

Hey so it's the last day that I will talk about Arkansas.

Day ? Saturday the..... The Goodbyes.

We woke up, had breakfast and said goodbye to Lex and Andy. They were headed home. Then it was another morning ride, but I went climbing instead. Tucker and Morgan took me up to a couple routes. The hardest one I did was a 5.8. I know for some of you out there that's super easy. But hey, I'm 12 and I have never rock climbed before this week. That's pretty darn good.
Got back for lunch and waited around for the rest of the Yackel clan to get there.
I don't remember what we did after that but when it was 6:00 we saddled up and rode out to have the farewell cookout. It was sad. We said goodbye to everyone because we were leaving the very first thing in the morning. I still miss HCR. Morgan and Tember (his girlfriend) drove us back to the airport. We had to leave at 9:00 since there was supposed to be a tornado at 12:00. So that was awesome/scary. That night there was lighting and thunder. But now we're back home safe and sound.
I really hope we can go back next year.

Moving on to more current matters. Yesterday it was raining so hard, I went outside for 10 minutes and got SOAKED.

Oh, Ben needs the coputer for his Boy Scouts stuff. Gotta go.