Mary Poppins

Hello, I have finished reading "Elisabeth, the Princess Bride", for the millionth time. Her story is so sad. At first she was happy, then she was forced to immerse herself in the court life and make sure that every "flaw" people might see in her was taken care of. She dismissed it and didn't care, but then later on in her life she became so obsessed with her looks that she would hardly ever leave her chambers.

Anywho, I have been checking out all the old movies I haven't seen in a LOOOOONG time, like "Mighty Joe Young". "Duma". "The Prince of Egypt"....etc. (End of Thought Capacity).
Right now I'm watching "The Prince of Egypt" while I turn the baggies inside out. We reuse our baggies by sticking them in the washer. It's quite a frugal way to save your baggies, but we do throw away the ones that have been used to hold raw meat. FOCUS!! I'm supposed to be talking about movies. I love these movies.

Anyway, I am trying to learn "Invisible" by Hunter Hayes on piano. I like that song, and I like the piano so...yeah!
Also, I saw this thing on Pinterest (way too many of my conversations start that way), and if you write
 -2-2+= it sounds like the beat of "Chim Chiminy" from Mary Poppins. I find that quite fun to do.

I have to go make dinner, see ya tomorrow.