Ok, it is important that you read yesterday's post. I am continuing the vacation report and if you didn't read yesterdays then you missed the first 2 days of vacation. So go there first...
Anywho, starting right now.

Day 3, Monday the 21st, The Day of Adventure
We woke up in a small cabin, with stairs leading down from the small loft that connected to to the lower level that had a bathroom, main room with couch, and small kitchenette area. It was small for a family of five, but we managed. Quickly getting dressed and hurrying to an 8:30 breakfast. There was cereal and yogurt with scrambled eggs as well. We got introduced to everyone. There was a family from Ohio who was there for half the week. There was also a couple from outside London who were on a long trip and this was one of their stops. It was cool talking with them. So there was Barry, the owner. Then Scot, the head horse person. Stacey, the wrangler. Then Emmilou another wrangler.
There was Oli, Scots son, who is the cutest thing on this planet!! He wears a different shirt superhero shirt each day and answers to the name on the shirt. Like, one day he was wearing a superman shirt and I said, "Good Morning Oli!" He frowned and looked down at his shirt, "No! I'm not Oli, I'm Superman!" It was adorable. Anyway, back to people. So then there was...Morgan, he was 28 and had worked at the ranch for..4 years. He was awesome. :) And Tucker, he was 30 and he had been working at the ranch for a little over a year. He had a wife and baby (her name was Roxie and she was so smart!). :) Cody, the owners son was about 16 and he grew up on the ranch. (I miss them...) They were all adventure guides. And at the time Morgan was the only one who we actually knew. Until Stacey sat down and ate with us, she was nice. Anyway, we got the schedule and headed down to the stable to saddle up for the morning ride. I got a moon colored stallion called Ziggy. He was such a sweetheart but a bit of a pig. He ate whenever he got the chance, and after he ate his food he ate all the other horses food. :) Silly horse! Anyway, it was good to be able to ride again. Comfortable even. After the horse ride ( it was 11:30) we went back to the lodge and waited for others to finish their trail ride.
Ok, everyone assembled and we headed down to a piece of land that had a bunch of targets and we shot a .22, they also had a .38 but guests weren't allowed to shoot that one. We also did Tomahawk throwing and shot a compound bow. It was pretty simple stuff but it was just letting the staff get a feel for our abilities and what we felt comfortable with. Then it was lunch time! After lunch we went to go climb. The Belayers were Morgan, Tucker, and Cody. We started out on a large boulder called "The Kindergarten Climb". There were three levels of climbing along it (by the way all the rock that they climb on is real, it's all part of the bluffs), there was the easy, which I did twice, then there was the medium which was just as easy, it only had a tougher start. By the time we were all done it was dinnertime, so we went back and ate. At 7:30 everyone headed down to the barn for some games. We were able to climb the larger wall after we learned to use the auto belay. It was so much fun! There was also crate stacking. I did more crate stacking that anything.
You clip into the auto belay and then you start. There are 2 crates that have to balance your weight on the sides. Then someone hands you another crate and with your one free hand you push the crate under you until it clicks into pace. And you do this over and over until you either fall down or run out of crates. Bethany fell down at 9 crates, and so did I. But the family from Ohio's little girl Olivia (she was 10) got to 15 crates! It was so cool. Then we headed to bed and fell asleep immediately.

Okay, I'm actually only going to do one day today.