This is a Major Geek Post.

Waz up?
WARNING!!!!! Fangirling may occur!!!  And there may be random spurts of craziness.
I am watching X-men 2. I like it, it's by Marvel so how could I not? Anywho, I have to say that my favorite's are Storm, Mystique, and Rogue. But Mystique really needs put some clothes on. It's really awkward since I'm watching it with my entire family. Yes, she is alien and her skin is blue. But still.
Oh man, I want fire powers!! That would be sweet, vwoosh!!! Everything's on FIRE!!!

Well, I can't wait until October 8th!!! That's when the Blood of Olympus comes out for all you non HoO readers. Oh my goodness that series is so amazing!! But you have to start from the VERY beginning or some stuff won't make complete sense and you won't get a couple of the inside jokes. You see PJO is the beginning series and HoO is the sequel series. OH IT'S SO AMAZING!!!! AJKDEFUJUP. I just can't even...
Like I said, there may be some fangirling.

Also, let's talk about Sherlock!! Spoiler Alert!!! 
Don't get me started on that cliffhanger...well, I should say building hanger (oo, too soon.). I mean, I know he survived because of season 3 and the ending of season 2. But still, the panic that I had when I watched him jump. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh!! SOme-one I really like on X-men just died...oh gosh, I'm about to cry. She was so nice and awesome and you really like her character. *sniff* I hate movies...

Wow, I just realized how much of my life is devoted to story's, like reading and writing and watching things and so on and so forth! Then again I don't think that I could be the writer I am today if I didn't read as much as I do. I just love my job!
Not the summer weeding one, that one is really boring and horrible (but hey, it makes money). But the writing one, just because I am a pre-published writer doesn't mean that writing isn't my career. Yup, that's pretty awesome. I am a writer.

And what better place to stop than at that! On a happy note, instead of on the subject of the dead character on X-men...(oh great, now I'm thinking about it, not now waterworks, not now.) *sniff* I'm fine. *sob* just a little less fine than I was a minute ago.

I better go before I become a blubbering mess,


  1. I haven't seen X-Men, but I'm interested to watch them. Daniel knows almost everything about them already, since he's such a comic geek.

    I know! When Sherlock jumps, every time I just... I can't even. Nononononononononono Sherlock! And then I want to go to John, HE'S ALIVE! I just... Sherlock... nooo...

    I can't wait till May 2, BECAUSE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 IS COMING! Ah my gosh I can't even...

  2. Oh, X-men is really good.

    Every time...and Johns face when he see's Sherlock jump! Oh my heart, I didn't really need it anyway.


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