Hey guys!

So today I haven't been feeling that great, so Bethany is pampering me!! It's so sweet, she brought me tea and chocolate, and we have hanging out together. It's been such a blast. So here's to you Beth! *lifts cup of tea*
Also, we're watching an amazing movie called October Baby. Oh gosh, it's made me cry. I feel so silly, crying over a movie...
But anywho, it's a really good movie. Everyone in this world should watch it. Unless you hate tearjerkers. Oh, and it's also really funny. "I have a wild side, you should see me play Scrabble." I quote that ALLL the time.
Also, did you guys know by Birthday is in October. It should be a national holiday....

Oh gosh, I finished the movie and now I have cried and I encourage NO-ONE to watch that movie. IT'S SO SAD!!!!! *ugly sobbing* No, it's really a good movie, you should watch it. It's a really good movie. But it's just really sad.....

On a better note, I finished packing! So that's out of the way.

Also, Beth just made me a banana smoothie. Yummy!! It's really good.

Ohp, looks like we're watching a movie!


  1. Sad movies are cool and not cool. A really amazing, funny, and sad movie is Courageous. It was really good, but so sad it made me cry multiple times. I might just have to try October Baby.

  2. Oh goodness, Courageous was such a good movie!


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