Mmm, Biscotti

I am back and I'm alive! Ok, I'm really excited and I don't wan't to go on and on about it, but Arkansas was a blast!!
I'm going to go through it day by day. But instead I'm just going to do 2 days a post because I want to be able to make it detailed and I don't want to have it toooo long. And it may not sound like a great vacation but it was amazing!! Here we go.
Day 1: Saturday the 19th.The Day of Traveling
We woke up at 4:15, and it was brutal. I dragged myself down to a quick breakfast of sticky porridge, and dried apples. After that we waited outside with our luggage for my Grandparents to take us to the airport.
Needless to say it was rushed. But then it was even more rushed as soon as we arrived at the SeaTac Airport. People were rushing about like ants with their home crushed, clutching at their belongings for dear life. After we boarded the plane it was 3 hours 'till Atlanta, Georgia. We had to have a layover since we were using flight miles and the airline doesn't HAVE to give us those free flight miles. Anyway, 2 hours in Atlanta of trying to find the right gate and then finding cheap food, well, as cheap as you can get at an airport. Then we got on the hour and a half hour flight to Jasper, Arkansas. It was a really small plane and there was a lot of really yummy biscotti cookies (I really want more biscotti cookies). Anyway, we arrived in this super tiny airport that had giant checkers and giant chess. We WERE going to play but the taxi service had arrived and we didn't have time. SO we were driven to the hotel we were going to stay at for the night and crashed. End of day one.

Day 2: Sunday the 20th. Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
We woke up and went to the breakfast that the hotel provided. It was the worst. It was these dry floury biscuits with a floury gravy. GROSS. After that we went to the pool and goofed off. Splashing each other, playing Marco Polo and a spattering of other games. It was a lot of fun. We hurried to pack up our things before the ranch people came to get us, and we barely made it on time to the front door to wait for the person.
A large white panel van pulled up, and a guy stepped out. He had mischievous, laughing eyes and a joke, about to be said. "You guys the Yackels?" My dad nodded and we loaded our luggage into the back of the car. I was nervous. I don't like people I don't know. And a long car-ride with someone I don't know? Not my idea of fun. But as soon as we hit the road he put us all at ease. We were laughing so hard at everything he said. By the way, his name was Morgan. You're going to be hearing A LOT more about him. The entire car ride was really nice, and we had a lot of fun. I learned that Morgan had been to Africa (my dads favorite place on earth), so then my dad jumped in and he and Morgan were going back and forth with comments, jokes and sarcastic comments. It was funny. We arrived at the ranch, our stomachs aching from laughter and hunger. On our way to our cabin we found out that dinner was at 6:30 and we had until then to get settled in. Dinner was delicious. After dinner we roamed around and explored a bit, finding out that there were horses also roaming around. And they came up to us, begging for attention. Of course, we gave it to them. :)
That night we found the Barn. It was an old barn that had HUGE loft filled with different things to do. It had a small basketball court. A climbing wall. And two holes in a wall that were strangely looking like a maze. So Ben grabbed a flashlight and headed in (the hole in the wall). After he got put on the other side he was sweating and grinning. It was a maze, quite large in fact. There were 3 other entrances and exits. So he tried each one. And the farther right he got with the holes, the more difficult the maze became. Starting you out in harder spots. And all of the maze was behind a wall and in the dark. Then we headed back to our cabin and crashed.
That's the end of this vacation report for today. Tomorrow you can expect more.

A friend recommended looking more into Julie Fowlis music (she was the one who did the music for Brave), and I did. I LOVED IT!! I didn't know that she did a lot more than just the music. So that's pretty cool.

Today we went to the library and I just wanted to check if I had anything on hold. But I didn't know if I did. So I walked in and went over to the hold section...and guess what amazing book was waiting for me (HINT: When I checked it out I was 300 on the hold list and it is being made into a major motion picture), that's right. It was DIVERGANT!!!! You can imagine how excited I was. I got a pretty bad case of RCS (Roller Coaster Syndrome). So far I reeeally like it.

We are having a party on May 3rd. And I'm excited/nervous. All these people that I kinda just met are coming to my house. See, it's for the debate club "End of the Season Party." And I only met these people a couple months ago. I'm also really bad with socializing with people and I end up standing around quite awkwardly. Wish me luck.