Hey all! I survived April Fools.
Not that there was really anything to survive. We all agreed to not do any jokes on each other and instead prank others. Like the mailman, he probably had a heart attack when Ben (he was in his gilly suit) jumped out of the bushes!! That's a joke. We didn't fool other people.

Oh! Tonight we're having a Bonfire, and I'm really excited for that!! I hope the weather stays nice.

Umm, I kinda don't know what to say...

Well, I love the "Falcon in the Glass." so far. It is so awesome! It takes place in Italy and it's about...well, you can look it up.

So, lately I've been writing short stories every day to help "exercise" my descriptive skills. I've kinda surprised myself with some stuff that I've written.

It's time for a..............................................RANDOM   THOUGHT!!!!
MARSHMALLOWS!!! Ok, so maybe this isn't so random because of the bonfire tonight. But hey, let's ignore that...
So, gooey, white, sticky marshmallows. Yum. But let's take a look at that word.
Marsh-Mallow. So, correct me if I'm wrong Google, but a marsh is a stinky, wet, dirty place (that can be fun). And a Mallow is a...I'm not even sure what a Mallow is. Google? Any idea's?
Ok, Google says it's a flower. Thanks Google. 
So, a marshmallow is a stinky, wet flower? That makes no sense. Who came up with the name for this delicious dessert? Obviously crazy people.
And that's it for today's Random Thought!!!

Anywho, and that's all folks!!



  1. Awe, I love bonfires! One of my favorite parts about camping is the fire in the morning and evening. The fresh outdoor air and the smoky fire warming your face. I like to rest my feet near the fire, it feels sooooo good. :)

  2. I know what you mean! Especially the dewy mornings, and then you get all warm from the fire that you wake up to. Ahh, I love camping!!

  3. Oh, Vanvan, you added Sound the Bugal to your playlist!!! Oh, darn, I love that song so intensely. Something just incredibly moving captured in that slow yet passionately tense beat . . . .

  4. I know!! I love the entire Spirit soundtrack.

  5. Yes, Sound the Bugal is so captivating. It gets me in a very contemplative mood...


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