Golden Falcons

Hey all, can't talk long...gotta go to the Chiro (Chiropractor) .
But the few moments I have, I will type like crazy!!

1) Bonfire was a huge success!! It was a blast, Ben got the fire so big that we had to sit about...10 feet back because of the heat!! We laughed, had marshmallows and graham crackers, and had a blast.

Then this really weird silhouette was walking towards us. All of a sudden the silhouette shouted out, "What are you doing back here?", (Even though it was our yard) in this really deep, gruff voice. When we heard the voice, we all relaxed because only our father could make that weird voice. So yay!! He was home early (for tax season, normally in tax season he gets home around...8:30 and it was 8:00)!! He stayed with us for a bit then went and changed out of his work clothes and had dinner. By 10:00 we decided to head in, but I stayed for a couple minutes more and just watched the flickering embers, still burning the teenyist bit. It was really fun.

2) I've decided to take a break from "Let it Go" and instead finish a piece that I started a year ago. The reason why I am going to revisit "Let it Go" LATER is because I am really stuck at this part where my hands have to do this "flow" thingy. The timing is off, my hands aren't able to reach all the way (because when you do the "flow" your hands are also holding a chord), and it's just not working for me right now. That's ok, like I said, I'll just revisit this later.

3) Food. So we are trying to eat more fermented foods, like pickles, yogurt, and other stuff like that. It does something for your gut. I don't remember, but if you want to know so badly, then you can ask my mom. :)

4) Chiro.
I 'aveta go soon.

5) Falcon in the Glass, I finished the book! It was really good and kinda sad. I felt bad for the boy's mother and sister, but he was trying to protect them the entire time. I thought the shadow at the beginning of the book was going to be his father, but it turned out to be his...well, you can see for yourself if you read it.
I also now really want a bird. A Golden Merlin to be exact. And I would name her Moss.
That would be so cool to have a Moss...
And ever since Falcon in the Glass I have loved kestrels, but then I found the Sparrow Hawk, which is in the family if kestrels. I mean, just look at it!
It looks so sweet and soft, but it also has some wicked looking talons.

I would stay and chat longer, but I do have to go right now! So, until the morrow!!


  1. You're going to the Chiropractor? For yourself or someone else?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't they the people who stick a bunch of needles in your back?

    Yay! I also felt bad for Renzo's family, but he sorta had to do it. I really wish there was another book.

  2. For myself.
    And a Chiropractor is someone who adjusts muscles and bones so that they aren't sore or out of whack.
    Believe me, if they were sticking needles in me, I would be far, far away!

  3. Haha, okay. ;) I think they may do the needle thing thought... :/ I, too, would be far, far away were there needles to be injected in me. I'm going to avoid that for as long as humanly possible. :)

  4. Aw, shucks, I love kestrels. And red-tailed hawks. And red tanegers. Geeeeeeezzz, I love BIRDS.
    Vavan, I didn't know you liekd Kestrels, but I should've known better!


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