Demented Frogs

Hey. Today is an amazingly sunny and warm day. The sky is so blue, and I can't see any clouds.

I normally jump-rope like a rabbit. Like, I jump so high in the air! But today Beth taught me how to jump-rope normally. I have learned to bounce instead of JUMP!!! Now I just look like a demented frog instead of a hyper bunny, but I do feel better about my jump-roping skills!

Urrmm, Hakuna Matata!!! Oops, did I just say that out loud? This is awkward, not that you're awkward. I'm awkward. You're gorgeous! Wait, what?
Hehe, I can't help but quote Frozen, even though I haven't seen it yet!!

I'm listening to "He Mele No Lilo" right now, and I feel like a bobble-head! I've never really been all that interested in this type of music. I just love this song for some reason.

Anywho, someone my dad knows just came to our house, and I am kinda feeling awkward. I mean, I'm still in my PJ's, and I don't know this person. Also, whenever someone comes to the door, I kinda screech and run to my room. It's funny, I just don't like people. Well, I'm okay with certain people, but others I'm just like, "*hisss* Go away!"

Okay, so I am dreading my sis getting home. See, I'm trying to spend more time with her, and we aren't interested in the same stuff. I decided that if she wanted to do this thing that I hate then I would agree and be a wonderful sister! :)
Guess what guys? It means letting her mess around with makeup on MY face. See, she's really into makeup and fashion and all that girly stuff. I on the other hand am interested in writing, outdoors, guns and stuff. So, you can see how I would feel tortured sitting stiff with a pencil about to touch my eyeball. Uhg, but hey, I'm exaggerating a bit. We always end up laughing and having a good time. So, it's not THAT bad.
Anywho, I'm going to go await my doom. :)



  1. I know, it's so nice out! :D Lovely weather, lovely weather! ;)

    I totally know the feeling. I want to try and spend more time with Tiana and Daniel. Daniel is pretty easy, Lego's and superheros, which I both like. But Tiana likes sewing, knitting, and a lot more girly stuff. Luck for me she's not super crazy about makeup, but she likes dress up. I, on the other hand, do not. All I need is a baggy t-shirt shirt and jeans. Ta da! I'm happy.

  2. Yup! hat pretty much nailed it. Ben's easy 'cuz he likes woodworking and guns, but I really need to make a greater effort with Beth.


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