I know I'm posting twice in one day (that's not a crime...right?), but I have to congratulate my brother.
He just got back from a test that determined if he was getting into Cascadia collage or not. And guess what, HE PASSED!!!! What you need to pass is 80 or more, but he got 96!!!
I'm so excited for him that I had to post this...
This is a little scary though, he's going to be going to collage in the fall...
I don't know if I'm okay with that, but I guess he'll be fine. He's also going to be 18 inn 8 months...18 people!! I remember when he was 10 and torturing me, I mean, he's still torturing me. But I remember back then.
Once again Bro, you did great!!!!



  1. Tell Ben I said CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D

  2. Hey, congrats, Ben!! Takes guts.
    Looks like you'll have to torture Vanvan by phone more!


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